Parent: Barony of Wymar
Population: ​2393​ (humans)


Meister Sarkos is the local representative of the baron of Wymar in Orhurst. An ex-spy, Sarkos has managed to also become the guild leader of Orhurst’s thieves guild, and has structured and expanded the guild into an almost legitimate organisation.

The Thieves Guild

First during the goblin wars and then during the long winter, the thieves guild in Orhurst has been used as a paramilitary organization by Meister Sarkos, performing scouting and raids against goblin and dark elf invaders. These days the primary illegal activity of the guild is smuggling and other economical crime, with most other forms of crime having been fazed out. The guild partly supports it large membership by stipends from Sarkos’ administration, pulled from the taxing of the local populace.

These days the thieves guild number some 50 members.


Deltir: High Priestess of the local temple of Shadari.

Loche of Thrain: Local wizard


The Dagger in the Back: Tavern close to the thieves guild. Used to be a den of ill repute, but with the rising legitimacy of the thieves guild, the dagger has also become a better place.

The Dragon’s Comb: Best inn in the town.

Temple of Shadari: The only temple in town, dedicated to the goddess of harvest and healing.

Recent History

Just before the The Goblin War the old meister was assassinated by the cult of Taros. Sarkos took over the control of the town during the emergency, which turned out to be the entire war. After the war, Baron Serbon Orbon made his position as meister official.


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