An elegant composite longbow, of pure white wood. When you pull the string, it whispers “Death to my enemies” in the language of the fey.

Created by Queen Titania who gave it to Rudolf McCliff in exchange for a favour.

Traded to Cassandra the Red in exchange for Winter Bow. Cassandra later gave the bow to Queen Mab who used it along with the Dancing Staff and the Returning Hammer to weaken Queen Titania, and increase winter’s power in The Faerie and beyond. The Winter Bow was finally returned to Queen Titania once again by the party.

Item Stats
Composite: +2 Str
Attack & damage bonus: +2

Once per day, the archer can swear to slay her target (a free action), The bow’s attack and damage bonus increases to +5, and it deals +2d6 damage (and increases critical hits to x4).

Until the enemy is killed, the bow is only a masterwork weapon against all foes other than the sworn enemy, and the archer takes a –1 penalty on attack rolls with any weapon other than the oathbow. The oath runs out after 7 days.

Loses its magic if it experiences the light of the new moon in the Grey World.


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