Barony of Vale

Parent: Atlas
Inhabitants: Mix of halflings and humans
Towns: Highspring

The barony of vale is a small barony located to the west of the Barony of Wymar. It is inhabited by a mix of halflings and humans freely intermingling in their everyday lives.

Isolated as it is and close to the Black Pass, the barony has on several occasions had to defend itself against goblin invasions, and has an almost constant problem with goblins encroaching on outlying farms and villages. As such the barony’s militia is well versed in fighting against goblins, and has even bred a breed of extra large, extra aggressive cats, which are natural goblin killers.

Inhabitants and Culture

The people of Vale is a mix of halflings and humans which settled in the valley shortly after the God War. The mixture of human and halfling sensibilities have given rise to a hard-working, fair-minded people which enjoy good food, good drink and the company of friends above most other things.


The Folke noble family, of which the current Baron Calkin Folke is a member, runs the barony almost unopposed. The barony has one other noble family, the Ealfriths, but they are almost completely out of the picture in this day and age. Mostly the Folkes are held in check by the various merchant families that have some economic power in the barony. These merchant family’s include the Wardes and the Wulfstis.

Recent History

Eram the White has acquired some influence with baron Calkin Folke, since Calkin’s father was murdered recently by dark elf assassins.

Locations in Vale

Barony of Vale

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