Gear Kits

Camping and Survival Kits

Kits for living and surviving in the great outdoors.

Camping Kit

Price (2 people): 19 gp
Price (4 people): 35 gp
Price (6 people): 51 gp
One winter blankets per person, a cooking kit, one medium tent per two persons.

Cooking Kit

Price: 3 gp
An iron pot, an iron skillet, a ladle, a skewer, a wooden cutting board, a cutting knife, an iron tripod for the pot, a packet of tinder, and a small selection of local or otherwise easy to find seasonings. You can attach the skewer to the tripod for roasting small game animals. All the component pieces (except the skillet) fit within the pot for easy storage and transport.

Trail Kit

Price: 6 gp
A bedroll, flint and steel, a mess kit, soap, trail rations (5 days), two waterskins (enough to hold water for 1 person for 1 day).

Wilderness Survival Kit

Price: 7 gp, 5 sp
A bell, canvas (4 sq. yd.), a map case, a fishhook and line, a grappling hook, a hammer and 10 pitons, a hemp rope (50 feet) a signal whistle, a spade, twine (100 feet), and a winter blanket.

Dungeoneering Kits

Kits to aid in the exploration of underground spaces.

Basic Climbing Kit

Price: 5 gp
A hammer and 15 pitons, 150 feet of hemp rope (5 gp)

Deluxe Climbing Kit

Price: 103 gp
A hammer and 15 pitons, 100 feet of silk rope, a grappling hook, and a climber’s kit. (103 gp)

Basic Dungeoneering Kit

Price: 15 gp
Two candles, chalk, a hammer and four pitons, 50 feet of hemp rope, a hooded lantern with 5 flasks of oil, two sacks, two torches, and four tindertwigs. (15gp)

Deluxe Dungeoneering Kit

Price: 130 gp
• Two candles, chalk, a hammer and four pitons, 50 feet of silk rope, two sacks, three sunrods, four tindertwigs, and an everburning torch.

Grooming and Maintenance Kits

Kits for keeping yourself and your equipment looking good.

Grooming Kit

Price: 1 gp
A comb, scissors, a nail file, a sponge, a hairbrush, a miniature mirror, soap, a chewing stick, and tooth powder.

Maintenance Kit

Price: 5 gp
Metal polish, a small file, a leather paring knife, conditioning oil for leather, two soft cloths, extra leather straps, a sewing needle, a few buttons, and a whetstone.

Shaving Kit

Price: 15 gp
A straight razor, a whetstone, a small mirror, a brush, a cup, and enough shaving powder to last a Medium humanoid 50 shaves.

Gear Kits

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