Titan's Teeth

Arrival to Torbilbetek

23rd of Stocks - 24th of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group leave the Compelling Tunnel, fight with a bunch of charmed dwarves, and enter Torbilbetek.

Leaving the Compelling Tunnel

(23rd of Stocks, underground)
  • Glahc managed to talk two of the captured dwarves out of their charmed state.
    • One was a soldier from Torbilbetek, Thalgron Shaledweller, who had been part of a 20 man squad that was supposed to find out what had happened.
    • The other was Jenmura Orchammer, an emaciated nobledwarf.
  • Tied up were the other captured dwarf, two captured humans, Whitelock and Karlein.
  • The group talked with Thalgron, and learned that at least 200 other dwarves and humans has been caught by the charm, and were digging tunnels, engraving them with wave patterns and runes.
  • The group continued to push the raft upstream with poles, since Karlein was unable to summon new mounts in his bound and gagged state.

The dwarven cavalry

(23rd of Stocks, underground)
  • Approximately an hour after leaving the tunnel, a group of dwarven soldiers on horseback caught up with the group.
  • The group set up on the ledge next to the canal, and parlayed with the dwarves.
    • They claimed that one of the humans were a mage, who had used charm spells, and that they were there to bring the criminals to justice.
    • The group quickly decided that this all seemed very fishy.
  • Zorg lured in the leader of the soldiers, a Corporal named Thulmur Orchammer.
    • And then the group shot and beat him into unconsciousness before anyone could react.
  • The cavalry responded by charging, trying to ride down the people on the ledge.
    • But two attacks of opportunity later, the front to horses were dead by Zorg’s axe and Vren’s claw.
    • The rest of the charge ended up in a big pile.
  • Two dwarves were killed, and the soldiers seemed to see how ineffectual they were against the combat pair and withdrew.
    • One more soldier was knocked unconscious by the group before he managed to retreat.

Journey upriver

(23rd of Stocks – 24th of Stocks, underground)
  • The group tied up the unconscious corporal and unconscious soldier as well.
  • Zorg intimidated Karlein to summon another batch of mounts, before tying him up again.
  • Dragged by the mounts, the group made good time.
  • Vren was left to trail the raft, as a rearguard.
    • The dwarven cavalry trailed the group and tried to attack Vren a couple of times, but only suffered more loses.
  • Finally the dwarves seemed to give up, and disappeared.

Journey upriver

(24th of Stocks, underground)
  • The group arrived at Torbilbetek and were let inside, through an enormous portcullis which blocked the canal and side-road.
  • They explained themselves to a commanded, and everyone were detained for a while.
  • Another dwarf, not a soldier, turned up and had Zorg, Glahc and co explain everything they knew.
    • Zorg also volunteered that the group would be willing to take out The Master, if they could get some protection against the charm.
    • In turn the dwarf claimed that 100.000 gp wouldn’t be in excess of the kind of reward the group might get for such a task.
      • Given that the blocked tunnel is the city’s and the Dwarven Hold’s primary trade conduit to the southern empire.
  • In the end, most of the group was released, with Karlein and Whitelock kept in quarantine, as they were still under the charm.
  • Jenmura took the group to her family’s mansion in the Emerald Quarter.
    • They traveled there by Gondola, to the family’s private dock.
    • Turns out that the Orchammer clan have many nobles among its ranks, owning much farmland above ground and various industries and breweries.
  • At the Orchammer mansion, the group was thanked for bringing back Jenmura, who was the daughter of the man of the house, Bhelmin Orchammer.
    • Those thanks included 5000 gp in credit, and a free stay at the Green Rock Inn in the Emerald District.
  • After this the group split up.
  • Tarkin went to the archives in the Hall of Remembrance.
    • There he started researching how to use the Magical Anvil, the identity/specie of The Master and the working of Green Iron.
  • Zorg, Vats and Glahc went to the Iron District to do some shopping.
    • First they visited the lone wizard of Torbilbetek: Alfild Flamedaughter.
      • Unfortunately, she turned out not to be selling magical rings, armor or other serious magical implements.
    • Then they visited Dorsun’s Weapons and Armor. And Zorg ended up buying a bunch of stuff for Vats. Pimped out armor, shield and bastard sword, as well as a dagger in a spring-loaded holster.


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