Titan's Teeth

The Compelling Tunnel

15th of Stocks - 22nd of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group journeys north on a barge, enters the underground canal, and encounter the Compelling Tunnel.

Journey North
h5. (15th of Stocks – 22nd of Stocks)

  • Whitelock and Black Spark hired a barge, which met the group a day’s journey to the north of Glasmond.
    • The owner of the barge, Thrawn, was the kind of person not to ask too many question when offered good money.
    • His two helpers, a pair of beefy, gay dudes, were Charan and Kesin.
      • They didn’t talk much, despite Zorg’s intrigued questions about their sexuality.
  • In the end, the group paid a hefty amount of money for the trip, and ended up purchasing the barge, when Thrawn didn’t want to go further.
    • He didn’t want to end up like all the others that had entered the Dwarven Canal and not returned.
  • So the group entered the Dwarven Canal alone, on the barge.

The Compelling Tunnel
h5. (22nd of Stocks, underground)

  • The group encountered a side tunnel to the canal, apparently dug from outside with tools.
  • The group felt compelled to enter the tunnel, some more than others.
    • Ragnar, who had scouted ahead, were already gone.
    • The group’s horses apparently also felt the pull, as they all ran down the tunnel.
    • Detect magic revealed an enchantment aura in the air all around.
    • After some talking, Whitelock, Vats and Karlein were the ones that felt the draw the strongest, and continued to argue for exploration.
  • The arguing continued until they save torchlight approaching down the tunnel.
    • It turned out to be four dwarves and five humans (three in Halacian soldier uniforms).
    • The group asked if they were also here to join the Brotherhood, to merge in Unity, under the Master.
    • Any questioning tended to run in rings, with the most information available being that he was Glorious, Huge and apparently not a human.
      • And he would bring everyone to Unity.
    • The group started preparing to pull the barge into the tunnel, all helpful, sending one of the dwarves back down the tunnel to get more people to help.
  • That is when Zorg whapped one of them with his great axe (nonlethally of course).
    • The rest of the group rushed forward.
    • Most of the non-compelled party members subdued the rest of the group.
    • Karlein successfully cast Hideous Laughter on Zorg.
    • Vren, a bit bloodthirsty, killed the three soldiers, before Tarkin admonished her to only use nonlethal attacks.
  • Once the fight was over, all the unconscious people were tied up.
    • That group ended up including Karlein, who Zorg knocked out.
    • Whitelock was not tied up, but was put under guard by Vren.
  • Then the group pushed the raft upstream, until getting outside the aura.


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