Titan's Teeth

The Black Orb

30th of Hearth - 2nd of Stocks, Year 382

Where the party takes a mission from the leader of the Wizard’s Guild, and steals the Black Orb from the House of Scarlet.

Visiting the Guild of the Amber Flame

(30th of Hearth, morning)
  • The group visited the Guild of the Amber Flame
  • There they met the guild master Devayani Sharma, who had a job for them
    • The pay was 3000 gp, plus bonuses and penalties for good or bad behavior.
  • First step was to steal the Black Orb from the House of Scarlet
    • Apparently Devayani had tried to buy the orb, but had been denied.
    • When asked, she gave a scroll of Knock to Karlain, no questions asked.

Splitting Up and Casing the Scene

(30th of Hearth, midday to past midnight)
  • Karlain bought scribing supplies at the Emporium Arcane, and returned to the Toppling Maiden to write the scroll into his spellbook.
  • Tarkin scouted the House of Scarlet
    • After getting all the details he needed, he was seen by a gardener, who asked him to leave.
  • Thrunn bought coffee at the market from Dairin and Shiass.
  • At evening time Thrunn, Zorg, Ragos and Glahc descended on the Golden Warrior.
    • Thrunn brewed himself a cup of coffee at the counter, and regaled the host with newly learned details about coffee.
    • Glahc drank some Deepminer mead with his familiar.
    • Zorg and Ragos tried to start a party with the halfling merchant Canus, but only succeeded in drinking 10 shots of Yellow Lightning. Canus got good and drunk, but Zorg only got a buzz and Ragos was unaffected.
  • As the evening wore on, everyone went home, except Tarkin and Ragos who went to the House of Scarlet.
    • Ragos turned into a pidgeon and kept an eye on the scene.
    • Tarkin turned invisible, and took a look through the window to the library, while under the effect of Detect Magic.
      • Tarkin saw that the room had four display cases, one holding the Black Orb, and all with powerful auras of Abjuration magic.
      • Tarkin decided to leave the actual theft to the next night.

Work, work

(1st of Stocks, day)
  • Karlein purchased ingredients for, and created a scroll of Knock.

The Theft

(1st of Stocks, night)
  • Tarkin and Ragos (in pidgeon form) ventured out, while Zorg and Karlein waited in the inn, to open the door once they returned.
  • Along the way to the House of Scarlet, Tarkin got mugged by a group of six human muggers
    • Ragos, in pidgeon form, killed two of them, while the rest fled.
  • At the House of Scarlet, Ragos kept watch, while Tarkin proceeded.
    • Tarkin summoned Vren inside.
    • Then he cast Knock on the display case.
    • Then Vren opened the display case, activating a spell trap, which damaged her and made a loud noise like a bell
    • Tarkin ran, and once he felt that Vren needed to leave, summoned her to him.
      • This was in a spot where Vren was spotted by city guards rushing to the scene.
    • Vren gave the orb to invisible Tarkin, and was sent back towards the house, out of sight of the city guards, before she was summoned.
  • Tarkin and Ragos made it back to the inn without incident.
  • Zorg stood guard the rest of the night, in case anyone would follow the group back to the inn.

The Follow-Up with Devayani

(2nd of Stocks, morning)
  • Tarkin, Karlain, Thrunn and Glahc got a good breakfast, while Zorg and Ragos slept, then ventured to the Guild of the Amber Flame.
  • They met again with Devayani, who told them the next step.
    • They were to venture north to a Leysol ruin and secure the Codex Mabulum (roughly translated Book of the Flaming Lands).
    • The black orb should open the door to the ruin, and then lead them to the Codex, according to Devayani’s information.
    • The facility might have traps and guardians placed by the Leysol, but should be otherwise empty, since it had been sealed.
  • The group decided to start their journey the next morning.


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