Titan's Teeth

Rudolf in Trouble

9th of Stocks - 13th of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group uncovers riches, returns to Glasmond and discovers that Rudolf has been captured by the inquisition.

The Vault

(9th of Stocks)

Tower Loot

  • 300 pp. 8000 gp, 1700 sp

  • Having been told by the Alu-demon (Faedil) that there had been a vault in the tower, the group went to work.
    • Ragos tranformed into and Earth Elemental, and examined the rubble heap of the tower.
    • He found the jackpot, and the group hauled it out.

Return trip

(10th of Stocks – 12th of Stocks)
  • The group traveled back to Glasmond.
    • Along the way, they passed through Sheepdown, Vatz’s home hamlet.
    • Vatz’s parents weren’t too impressed by his new profession, though they did approve of Zorg.
    • Vatz got one of the local girls into the hay, by virtue of his new adventurer status.
      • This ended up earning him the eternal ire of the girl’s father, and he was forced to promise to marry the girl upon his return (and pay a dowry).

Finishing the mission

(12th of Stocks, noon – 12th of Stocks, late afternoon)
  • The group arrived back in Glasmond around noon.
  • Karlain, Tarkin, Ragos (and Mongo) brought the Codex Mabulum to Devayani, who paid them the promised amount, plus a bonus.
    • Tarkin held on to the Black Orb, since she did not explicitly ask for it back.
  • Zorg and co. hauled the elven weapons and armor to the Iron Market, and spread the word that they were holding an auction.
    • Once the auction started, the merchants paid dearly for the weapons, given the current iron shortage.
    • Zorg also bought a bastard sword for Vatz.
  • Both groups returned to the Toppling Maiden.
    • The inn keeper told them that Rudolf had returned from his quest and reacquired his room, but that he had been missing for the last four days.
  • Glahc spent some time asking around, and found out that Rudolf had been picked up by the city watch, apparently for his participation in the riot in Branna.
    • Asking around some more, he found that apparently word had been sent to Branna to send a witness back to Glasmond who could identify Rudolf.
    • He also found that Rudolf was imprisoned in the inquisition HQ.
    • In the end the group decided to wait and see, and to keep watch on the inquisition HQ the next day.
  • Thrunn, Karlain, Tarkin and Ragos ventured to the Silk Market bazaar, and traded the elven coinage found in the ruin for bank notes and imperial coin, and also sold the gems and light crystals looted from the ruin.

Finishing the mission

(13th of Stocks, morning- 13th of Stocks, noon)
  • Ragos turned into a raven and kept the inquisition HQ under surveillance, while the rest of the group, fully armed and armored, set up shop in a tea shop nearby.
  • Around noon, a priest of Iroh turned up.
    • Ragos reckoned that he was probably there to cast a Zone of Truth, but decided not to report back to the others.
    • Ragos shortly after saw the priest leave the building again, as well as an inquisitor and a group of henchmen which headed into the city. This time he did report to the group in the tea shop, before returning to his roost.
  • Glahc sent the new and improved Ragnar to try and scout inside the HQ, to figure out what was going on.
    • Since Ragnar was now an imp, he could turn invisible, and open doors, and all kinds of other useful stuff for a spy.
    • Ragnar uncovered that the inquisition were still unsure about his guilt, since he had been saying some outright crazy stuff about being a fairy prince, and having killed a dragon.
      • But a group had been sent to his inn, to investigate his stuff.
  • When Ragnar reported back, the group hurried back towards the inn, hoping to pack up their stuff before the inquisitor arrived.
    • However, the inquisitor had a head start, and was in the inn when they arrived.
  • They managed to sneak upstairs without the inquisitor, or the inn keeper seeing them.
    • Then they snuck inside their rooms, while inquisitorial henchmen were examining Rudolf’s room one door down the corridor.
    • In their respective rooms, the group members quickly packed the few things they had unpacked.
  • However, then the inquisitor showed up.
    • Tarkin and Thrunn gave him vague enough answers, that he went downstairs to inquire with the innkeeper again.
    • However, he did leave his henchmen to keep an eye on all four rooms that had group members in them.
      • Though Glahc was invisible, since he had heard the inquisitor starting to question people.
  • When the inquisitor returned from downstairs, Tarkin heard Zorg inquiring to whether this was about Rudolf’s covername.
    • He decided that the gig was blown, and signaled to Karlain, who quickly cast a sleep spell.
    • Two of the henchmen fell asleep. The inquisitor and four henchmen remained.


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