Titan's Teeth

Prison Break

16th of Hearth, year 382

Where the group breaks into the local Inquisition’s jail, kill one cool inquisitor, and escape from the city.

The Plan

(16th of Hearth, noon)
  • Having retreated back to Bull’s secret HQ, the group contacted, Bull.
    • He was quite unhappy about what they had done. Apparently they were ruining all the carefully laid plans.
    • He was, however, also adamant that Qurenay could not be allowed to blab to the Inquisition. In the end, he hired the group for 500gp to ensure that nobody would divulge any secrets to the inquisition, and to then leave town.
    • After much discussion, the group hatched a plan.
  • Rudolf had Bull send a messenger to retrieve Black Death from the bank vault.

The Prison Break

(16th of Hearth, early afternoon)
  • The group set up
    • Tarkin hid in an alley near the city guard HQ.
      • Though he was seen by two beggars.
    • Most of the party entered the sewers, carrying digging implements.
    • Rudolf and Ragos idled outside of the inquisitor HQ above ground in disguise, as backup.
  • Tarkin started the ball by summoning Wren, and sending her tearing into the HQ.
    • She killed an inquisitorial scribe, and caused a lot of panick.
  • Then Zorg and Thrunn started hammering away at the wall seperating the sewers and the jail (hopefully).
  • Wren spotted a suspiciously tactical inquisitor, pursued him into the cellar, used her superhuman strength to bash open the door he had barred, and killed him.
    • She then found Qurenay in a cell, got a crossbow bolt to the face, and killed the guy who shot her.
  • The rest of the group broke through the wall, though in another cell.
    • Qurenay was brought into the cell that they had broken through, reduced in size with a spell, and escaped through the hole.
    • He carried with him the inquisitor’s arm, with his brass knuckles.
  • Wren engaged some city guardsmen that were gathering above the stairs to the dungeon
    • She started by tossing the de-armed inquisitor at them. And was hit with a magic missile for her efforts.
    • She then charged up the stairs and killed two city guard mages. The normal city guards withdrew. When Wren followed she was hit by a barrage of bolts, from some city guards that had set up a firing line.
    • She grabbed the two corpses, retreated to Qurenay’s cell, barred the door with furniture and bodies, and was de-summoned.

Leaving the city

(16th of Hearth, early afternoon to past nightfall)
  • The group returned to their inn to get their gear and horses.
    • The inn keeper left the inn as soon as they arrived, and apparently fled to tell the city guard.
    • Tarkin summoned a pack of shadow wolves which cleared out the inn of guests, and kept the city guard busy, while the group gathered up their belongings.
    • They then galloped out of town, miraculously not trampling anyone on the way.
  • The group rode hard along the western road, not pausing until well after nightfall.


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