Titan's Teeth

Heading East

16th of Hearth - 19th of Hearth, year 382

Where the group continues the journey towards Glasmond, but is distracted by a dwarven ruin along the way.

Camping Out

(16th of Hearth, night – 18th of Hearth, morning)
  • The group rested up for the night without a campfire.
    • Early in the night they heard (and in Rudolf’s case saw) twenty mounted soldiers riding from the direction of Branna past their hideout towards the east.
  • The next day Rudolf went hunting, while Ragos and Thrunn went to a nearby manor and bought some food.
    • They both came back with new supplies (a total of six days worth).
  • Tarkin and Karlain researched the content of the chest that was found back in the submerged dungeon.
    • They discovered that the dungeon had been a Leysol research facility, experimenting with portal technology.
      • The research in question consisted of draining people’s life force to power a portal. When the armies of Kartas approached the facility, they considered using their research assistants as sacrifices, to finish the research, since they reckoned the Portal technology would be valuable for the war effort.
    • They also discovered how to start the portal. 1) Press blue crystal to boot up arcane matrix 2) Press red crystal to start draining energy from subject and open portal 3) Press black crystal to close the portal.
    • Finally they discovered the ritual Link Portals.
  • Come nightfall, Thrunn prepared a grand feast, expending 2 days of food (4 left).

Travelling East

(18th of Hearth, morning – 18th of Hearth, evening)
  • The group travelled east, past Donebar, and approached the village of Oxfell.
  • They decided to avoid the village, and instead travelled south around it, to the ruined citadel that they had seen from a distance.
    • Getting closer they could see that it was of old dwarven make.
    • Inside the walls were store houses, long ago damaged by fire, and a central hub where a shaft lead downwards.
  • The group spent the night, Zorg and Ragos trying their hand at cooking (3 days food left) while Thrunn, Karlain and Rudolf explored (finding nothing of interest).

Visitors and Visits

(19th of Hearth, morning – 19th of Hearth, early day)
  • The group prepared to journey on next morning, but encountered a group of ten soldiers from Oxfell.
    • They were about to ambush them, but Tarkin suggested maybe talking to them first.
    • The soldiers turned out to be there because they had seen fire in the night, and wanted to make sure no nasties had crawled out of the hole.
    • They also mentioned that the group would need to sign up with the Prefect in Oxfell, if they wanted to delve the dungeon.
  • Ragos, Karlein and Tarkin followed them back to Oxfell, where they signed up with the Prefect to delve the dungeon.
  • Leaving the Prefects office, they encountered Ka’akaw who turned out to also have signed up to delve the dungeon.
  • He joined up with them, and ventured back to their camp, where he met Zorg, Rudolf and Thrunn.
    • It become apparent that he was a member of the Blackwatch, who had at one point trained them (very briefly) in martial arts, a few years back.
  • Ka’akaw joined the group


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