Rituals allow a caster to draw in magic from the outside, crafting a magical effect through time and the expenditure of material components, rather than through internal magic.

Rituals generally have three requirements: A specific amount of time spent doing the ritual, a specific amount of ritual components expended, and that you know the ritual in question.

In addition most rituals require a skill check to determine whether the ritual fails, or how well it succeeds. This check is a skill check, using the lowest skill of your Spellcraft or the rituals key skill.

Example: Casting Animal Messenger requires that you know the ritual, and that you use 10 minutes and 10 sp of rare herbs. The ritual’s key skill is knowledge(nature), so if you have knowledge(nature) +6 and spellcraft +5, you would roll a spellcraft check to determine the ritual’s success, since that is the lowest of the two skills.

Divine Favor

Some rituals also require the favor of a divine being with access to a specific domain. Clerics or other divine casters can generally be considered to possess the favor of their patron deity by default.

Additional Casters

If the caster of a ritual can get the aid of additional casters, he can gain bonuses to his ritual skill check. Each additional caster must make a Spellcraft skill check against a DC of 10. If they are not trained in the ritual’s key skill, they get a -2 penalty to the roll.

The primary caster gets a bonus to his ritual skill check, depending on the number of additional casters.

Additional Casters Bonus
1 +1
2-3 +2
4-7 +3
8-15 +4
x2 +1 for each doubling

However, if any additional caster fails the Spellcraft check by 5 or less, the best result that can be accomplished is a flawed ritual.

If any additional caster fails the Spellcraft check by more than 5, the ritual backfires.

Arcane Rituals

Arcane Lock

250 sp arcane ingredients

Bind a door with magical energy.

Comprehend Languages

100 sp arcane ingredients

Understand a language for the next 24 hours.

Link Portals

50 gp emerald dust

Open a portal between two teleportation circles.

Nature Rituals

Animal Messenger

10 sp rare herbs

Induce an animal to travel to a specific location or person.

Religious Rituals

Gentle Repose

Repose Domain
100 sp sacred ointments

Prevents a corpse from decomposing, or being raised as undead.


Healing Domain
150 gp sacred ointments

Increases the speed at which an injury can be healed.

Zone of Truth

Civilization Domain
250 sp sacred candles

Create a magical circle inside which creatures must tell the truth.

Special Ritual

Dolshonese Shapechanging

100+ sp arcane ingredients

Transform yourself or another creature into a different form.


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