Religion and Gods


The Imperial Pantheon

The imperial pantheon has maybe a dozen deities, some of which are listed below. The three most important are Iroh, Shadari and Sastix, seeing as they represent Authority, Daily Life and Death.

Major Gods

  • Iroh
    The head deity of the imperial pantheon. Hard justice, imperial expansion and working for the empire is his creed.​
  • Sastix
    God of death. Brings the dead to judgement before Iroh.
  • Shadari
    Goddess of harvest and healing. A kind goddess for the common folk.
  • Illios
    God of trade, merchants and wealth of the growing harvest. Promotes fairness and investment,
  • Wadmes
    Deity of artifice and light. A defender of local communities that is worshiped by artisans.
  • Xoldir
    Deity of magic and fire. He is the empire’s patron deity of arcane magic, and preaches adherence to the Imperial creed.​

Lesser Gods

  • Abaredae
    God of ambition. Preaches that you do deserve better than what you are getting.
  • Rumera
    Goddess of storm and judgement. A small sect of vigilante paladins.

The Dwarven Pantheon

The pantheon of the Dwarven Holds only has three deities.


The god of law, community and water

The god of artifice, thought, earth and death

The goddess of feelings, magic and the sky​

Other Important Gods

God of freedom and growth. A nature god worshiped at the very edges of the empire.

The original über evil. Was killed by the gods of the empire, creating the Darklands.

Successor to Kartas, god of Darkness, Destruction and the Sun​

Minor Gods

A god of knowledge and darkness, worshipped by a small cabal of priests in Highspring.

A goddess worshipped in the southern border kingdoms as the goddess of Heroes and Fate.

A goddess of the Lochland barbarians. Goddess of the Moon, Loyalty and Blood Oaths. She is very fond of silver. She curses those that betray loyalties sworn in her name, by transforming them into werewolves.

A goddess worshipped in the southern border kingdoms as the goddess of Adventurers and Mercenaries.

Religion and Gods

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