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Ael of Wyrmicia

The inhabitants of the Ael have two origins. More than 90% are original inhabitants, descended from the the peoples that lived in Wyrmicia, before the region was conquered by the empire. The rest is composed of people from the empire that has moved to colonize the region. The ruling class and upper regions of the bureaucracy is composed entirely of these people with Dranisian ancestry.


The Darklands

The Interior

The Black Pass

  • Verenox: The lich of the Fortress of the Black Pass


The Lochland highlands is divided up into two major factions. The McClintock-aligned clans, which live in the low-lands and tend to subsist on farming and trade, and the Hammish-aligned clans, which live in the highlands and indulge in feuds and raids.

Living on the outskirts of the Lochland valley, and this close to the Dark Pass, the Hammishes have plenty of experience fighting with the dark creatures that sometimes manage to sneak through.



Wymar & Vale

The people of Wymar are generally immigrants from the Ael of Wyrmicia, seeking a life with more freedom, while the people of Vale is a mix of halflings and humans which settled shortly after the God War.






The base of operations for Zorg and his band.


  • Giles: Administrator. Missing.
  • Gileon: Head of the militia.

Other Inhabitants of Note


The Blackwatch

Officially “The Order of the Black Rose”.

A secret police and troubleshooting force within the Dranisian Empire. Was outlawed when they were implicated in the assassination of Emperor Cleo.


The Planes

The Feywild

The inhabitants of the Fey World are generally divided into two groups, the Summer Court and the Winter Court. While neither can be said to be outright friendly to mortals, the Winter Court is generally more hostile than the Summer Court.

Summer Court

Winter Court



People and Factions

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