Many languages are spoken throughout the world, some with roots stretching back to the Age of Magic or earlier.

While only Capacians, Mordark and Leysol are spoken to any degree within the greater Capacian Empire, it is still relatively easy to find teachers or books instructing in the common languages.

For uncommon, extraplanar, or dead languages, it is usually much harder to find a teacher.

Common Languages

  • Aquan – Spoken by the Tritons
  • Capacian – Spoken in the Capacian Empire
  • Dairin – Spoken in the Mahrdom of Dairin
  • Hothian – Spoken in the Kingdoms of Hoth
  • Leysol – Spoken in the Sylvar Dynasty and other elven enclaves
  • Mordark – Spoken by the Dwarven Holds and other dwarven enclaves
  • Prym – The ancient language of diplomats, spoken by the Prymidians
  • Ravalian – Spoken in Upper and Lower Ravalon
  • Wren – Spoken in Wrenadia

Uncommon Languages

  • Chuum – Spoken in the Empire of Chuum
  • Dark Speech – Spoken by the Dark Spawn and their allies
  • Deepspeech – Spoken as a trade language throughout the underdark
  • Dog Tongue – Spoken by the Gnoll
  • Glorpluk – Spoken by the Kuo-Toa of the underdark
  • Grim – Spoken by the Grimlocks of the underdark
  • Hive Speech – Spoken by the Formian hives
  • Iscaran – Spoken by the Iscaran nomads
  • Leon – Spoken by the Nkosi kingdoms
  • Ratel – Spoken privately by the Ratel mercenaries
  • Saurian – Spoken by Saurians and Lizardfolk
  • Sharptooth – Spoken by the Adaro sharkfolk
  • Shiasster – Spoken by merchants and diplomats from faroff Shiass
  • Steppe Speech – Spoken by the Gazellan
  • Trog – Spoken by the Troglodytes of the underdark
  • Vanaran – Spoken by some Vanara, and also found in their jungle ruins
  • Windtongue – Spoken in the Sirpah Skyforts

Extraplanar Languages

Dead Languages

  • Durian – Found in the ruins of the ancient Durhim
  • Earltha – Found in the ruins of the ancient Kingdom of Earltha
  • Infernal – Found in Tiefling ruins
  • Kasatha – Found in Kasatha ruins
  • Snaketongue – Found in Chosur ruins
  • Umber – Found in Shaesal ruins


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