Most sages divide the history of the world into six ages

The Age of the Titans

The first age, in which the titans created the world and the first races.

The Age of the Titans ended when the Titans were destroyed.

The Age of Monsters

The second age, an age of barbarism and monsters. Many monsters that had been created to serve the titans roamed free, killing the creatures of the first races.

The Age of Monsters ended when Uldorn discovered the gods, harnessed magic, slew the Dragon Mother Durbatuluk and created the kingdom of Earltha.

The Age of Magic

The third age, where the first races destroyed the monsters of the Age of Monsters, and took the world for their own. The myths tell of great achievements in both magic and spirituality, culminating in Uldorn rising from lichhood to godhood. Humans and the other second races were created by the first races in this age.

The Age of Magic ended when the world was struck by a great calamity. Knowledge of this age, and those that came before, is scant, as the records of this age were scattered or destroyed.

The Age of Spirits

In the fourth age, the races once again sank into barbarism, struggling for survival in a world overrun with the spirits and restless undead of the calamity. The first races devolved in power, becoming a shadow of the forms that they had possessed in the first three ages.

The Age of Spirits ended gradually as the spirits started to depart from the world, enabling civilization to rise once again.

The Age of the Ancients

In the fifth age, the first races, though diminished in form, spread their empires across the world. The seconds races were servants, slaves or minor players. Much of the fifth age concerned attempts to recapture the glories of the Age of Magic.

The Age of the Ancients ended with the god war and the defeat of the evil deity Kartas by an alliance of all other gods. The god war provides the origin of most of the dark races, though some originate all the way back from the Age of Monsters.

The Age of Man

The current, sixth, age. The god war once again devastated the first races, which provided the main troops against the dark ones forces, and were the main targets of his attacks. The races of man used this opportunity, and rose to form new nations free from the yoke of the ancients. Foremost among these nations, the Dranisian Empire, founded by Dranos the Great.


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