Epic Feats

Epic feats may only be purchased during epic advancement (and not as part of obtaining 6th level).

Signature Feats

Each character may take one signature feat. An additional signature feat may be taken for every ten epic advancements earned.

Table: General Feats
Feat Category Prerequisites Benefit
Expanded Arcana Bard 1 or Sorcerer 1 Add one or two spells to your list of spells known.
Extra Rage Power Rage power class feature Gain one additional rage power.
Extra Rogue Talent Rogue talent class feature Gain one additional rogue talent.
Leadership Character level 5 Gain a cohort and followers.
Skillfulness You gain 3 additional skill ranks plus one per level beyond 3rd.
Table: Epic Feats
Feat Category Prerequisites Benefit
Ability Advancement Epic Ability Training in the chosen ability Gain +2 bonus to ability score.
Ability Training Epic Gain +1 bonus to skill or save.
Arcane Armor Mastery Epic Arcane Armor Training, Medium Armor Proficiency, Greater Spell Casting Reduce your arcane spell failure chance by 20%.
Combat Improvement Epic BAB +4 Gain +1 base attack bonus.
Damage Reduction Epic Barbarian 6 Gain DR 1.
Epic Caster Epic Greater Spell Casting You count as a 7th level caster for purpose of spell effects.
Epic Martial Caster Epic Paladin 6 or Ranger 6 You count as a 4th level caster for purpose of spell effects and may be able to cast 2nd level spells.
Epic Performer Epic Bard 6 Start bardic performance as move action, and gain improved performances.
Epic Smite Epic Paladin 6 You may smite one extra time per day.
Epic Sneak Attack Epic Rogue 6 Sneak attack increases to +4d6.
Epic Woodcraft Epic Ranger 6 You gain Woodland Stride, and become more effective at Wild Empathy and tracking.
Extra Spell Casting Epic Caster level 1 You can cast additional 1st and 2nd level spells.
Greater Armor Training Epic Fighter 6, Armor training class feature Your proficiency with armors improve.
Greater Bond Epic Animal Domain Animal Companion Granted Power, Druid’s Nature Bond (animal companion), Paladin with Divine Bond, Ranger’s Hunter’s Bond (animal companion), or Sorcerer or Wizard’s Arcane Bond (familiar) class feature You count as one level higher for the chosen class feature.
Greater Ki Access Epic Monk 6 Your ki strike counts as cold iron and silver, and you gain the Wholeness of Body power.
Greater Skillfullness Epic You gain extra skill ranks and can have seven ranks in skills.
Greater Spell Casting Epic Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer or Wizard 6 You can cast an additional 3rd level spell.
Greater Toughness Epic Toughness Gain a number of hit points equal to your favored class’s hit points per level + constitution modifier + 1.
Table: Signature Feats
Feat Categories Prerequisites Benefit
Arcane Mastery Epic, Signature Wizard 6, Epic Caster Gain your 8th level school power.
Aura of Resolve Epic, Signature Paladin 6, Epic Martial Caster You are immune to charm.
Bloodline Mastery Epic, Signature Sorcerer 6, Epic Caster Gain your 9th level bloodline power.
Domain Mastery Epic, Signature Access to Clerical Domain, Epic Caster Gain 8th level domain powers from one domain.
Greater Shield Focus Epic, Signature Fighter 6, Combat Improvement, Shield Focus Gain a +1 bonus to your AC when using a shield.
Greater Weapon Focus Epic, Signature Fighter 6, Combat Improvement, Weapon Focus Gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with one weapon.
Implacable Rage Epic, Signature Barbarian 6, Combat Improvement Gain an 8th level rage power.
Implacable Uncanny Dodge Epic, Signature Rogue 6 You can no longer be flanked.
Intrinsic Bond Epic, Signature Greater Bond, Epic Caster or Epic Martial Caster Your effective class level for the chosen class feature increases to 8th.
Master of Forms Epic, Signature Druid 6, Epic Caster You can change into more different kinds of forms.
Master of Unarmed Defense Epic, Signature Monk 6, Combat Improvement Your AC and CMD bonuses when unarmored and unencumbered increase to +2 from +1.
Master of Unarmed Offense Epic, Signature Monk 6, Combat Improvement Your unarmed damage increases to 1d10 (for medium; 1d8 for small and 2d8 for large).
Natural Form Epic, Signature Druid 6, Epic Caster You may use wild shape 3 times per day and its duration is 8 hours or until you change back.
Signature Combat Feat Epic, Signature Combat Improvement You may select a single combat feat as if your base attack bonus were one higher.
Signature Performance Epic, Signature Epic Performer You gain the Dirge of Doom performance.
Terrain Mastery Epic, Signature Epic Woodcraft Select an additional favored terrain, and increase your favored terrain bonus.
Unshakeable Hunter Epic, Signature Epic Woodcraft You gain Swift Tracker, and become even more effective at Wild Empathy and tracking.


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