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The Dranisian Empire

The Dranisian Empire is the largest political entity of the known world. It’s Aels and surrounding client states are as follows:

Dwarven Holds
The primary homeland of the dwarves of the western Dranisian Empire

The Freeholds
An elven enclave to the northwest of the Ael of Wyrmicia

Lochland: Lose federation of barbarians in a valley north of Wymar.

Geographical Entities

The Black Pass
A pass through the Dragonspines north of Lochland and the Barony of Wymar.

The Darklands
A wasteland north of The Dragonspines, which was destroyed during the god wars.

The Deepwood
Forest located North of the Dranisian Empire, and east of Wymar.

The Dragonspines
A chain of mountains between The Darklands and the civilised nations to the south.

The Dragondeep forest
Forest located east of the Principality of Thiel.

The Iscaran Plains
Located north of the Dranisian Empire.

The Shadow Glens
Forest located between Barony of Wymar and The Freeholds.

The Underdark
Large underground region branching out across the known world.


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