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  • Cassandra the Red

    [[File:615223 | class=media-item-align-right | Red_Baroness.jpg]] Cassandra is the red baroness of the winter court. Ambitious and cunning, she is always striving to increase her power, seeking Queen Mab's throne as her final goal. Thus far she has …

  • Queen Titania

    [[File:615225 | class=media-item-align-right | White_Queen.jpg]] Queen of the Summer Court. Father to [[:rudolf | Rudolf McCliff]].

  • Medusa the Red

    The red baroness. Took over the mantle of red baroness from Cassandra after she ate her heart. Bonded to [[:rudolf | Rudolf McCliff]], her life is his life, his life is her life. Through their bond they can feel each others feelings and pains.

  • Orellia the Grey

    [[File:615214 | class=media-item-align-right | 300x300px | Grey_Baroness.jpg]] The grey baroness. The chilling cold. The slow death. The most patient of the three baronesses. In the end, everything dies.

  • Sirius the White

    [[File:615220 | class=media-item-align-right | White_Baroness2.jpg]] The white baroness. The freezing storm. The frost that kills. The most direct of the three baronesses, and the most vengeful.

  • Oathbow

    [[File:546493 | class=media-item-align-right | 250px | oathbow.gif]] _An elegant composite longbow, of pure white wood. When you pull the string, it whispers "Death to my enemies" in the language of the fey._ Created by [[Queen Titania | Queen …

  • Pen of Colorsteal

    Stats: This Golden pen has a needle at one end that can be used to steal the colour of an object or creature. The owner can then use the stolen colour to paint a replica of the subject. Description: _A golden pen, with a golden needle at one end …

  • The Chief's Cauldron

    _A cast iron cauldron filled to the brim with bubbling beef stew._ Given to [[:zorg | Zorg]] by [[Queen Titania | Queen Titania]] in exchange for a favor.

    *Item Ability* When a fire is lit under the cauldron, it produces an …

  • Amber Hound

    stats: Show you the way towards a specifik location, person or object, after say the name of it first. Description: _this amber figurine resembles a blood hound._ Historie: Given to Clarisa by [[Queen Titania | Queen Titania]] as payment …

  • Morgana's Ring

    [[File:554471 | class=media-item-align-right | 250px | Skull_ring.jpg]] _The black skull adorning this ring radiates a vaguely unsettling aura._ Given to [[:thrunn | Thrunn]] by [[Queen Titania | Queen Titania]] as payment for a favour.

  • Dancing Staff

    _Although it looks like a mundane quarterstaff, when an attack order is given it attacks all on its own._ Created by [[Queen Titania | Queen Titania]] and given to Lem in exchange for a favour. Given to [[Cassandra the Red | Cassandra the Red]] as …

  • Derlan

    A fey lord who acquired himself a realm during the long winter, thanks to the Winter Realms expansion. Before this he had apparently worked as a mercenary. When he met the party at Mab's Court he applauded the group for the nice work they had …

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