Titan's Teeth

Taking Down the Master
24th of Stocks - 26th of Growth, 382

Where the group travels around the Dwarven Holds, looking for a countermeasure against The Master’s charm magic.

Meeting Torla Trollbender

(24th of Stocks, underground)
  • Tarkin prepared research at the Hall of Remembrance.
  • Glahc gambled on the cardgame Korthen in the back room of the Green Rock Inn and won several hundred gold as well as a 5% ownership in the Green Vale Orchammer Brewery.
  • Zorg gambled a bit as well, before sitting in the common room of the Green Rock Inn.
  • Here he was sought out by Torla Trollbender, a priestess of Telyna.
    • First she tried to persuade him not to go after the Master.
    • Then she recognised him as being a companion of Rudolf, the Dragonslayer.
    • After this she agreed to give the group aid, a (smaller) monetary reward, and the friendship of the Church of Telyna, in exchange for the Church of Telyna getting the credit for taking out the Master.

Finding the Source

(25th of Stocks – 1st of Growth, underground)
  • Zorg, Glahc and Vats travelled to Karbilbetek to finish up the deal with the Church of Telyna, and then back to Torbilbetek.
  • Tarkin researched The Master, but couldn’t find anything about the creature in the libraries of Torbilbetek. The great library in Atyna might be a good place to look for more information.
  • When Glahc returned from Karbilbetek, he spent most of his time at The Song and Ale Tavern, gambling on Korthen.
    • Some of the local card sharks seemed to have taken notice.
  • Towards the end of the period the charm lost its hold on Karlein, Whitelock and the other dwarves they had captured.

Another Visit to Karbilbetek

(2nd of Growth – 3rd of Growth, underground)
  • The group traveled to Karbilbetek again, to hear if the Church of Telyna had come up with any countermeasures of the charm.
  • They hadn’t really. They had some spells, but those had too short duration.
    • They also brought up Green Iron armor, but unfortunately the party wouldn’t fit in those.
  • The group brought up the possibility of just creating Green Iron helmets.
    • That might work, was the agreement.
    • So the group needed to go to Azantek, the hold which had the proper facilities to smith Green Iron.

Going to Azantek

(4th of Growth – 10th of Growth, underground)
  • The group traveled along the underway to Azantek, with the compliment of Telyna guards, to protect against any monsters that might have invaded the undeway.
    • No monsters were encountered.
    • Zorg made friends with the guards by sparring with them.
    • Glahc made friends by playing Korthen with the guards, without totally beating them at the game.

In Azantek

(11th of Growth – 17th of Growth, underground)
  • Arriving at Azantek, the group had a meeting arranged with the master smith, by Telyna’s Church.
    • The master smith first seemed hostile at the prospect of giving Green Iron to outsiders.
    • But once he was told that they provided their own Green Iron, and had the backing of Telyna’s Church, he relented.
    • At the end of smithing, four days later, the group received eight Green Iron helmets in exchange for the four ingots they had given the craftsmen.
  • In the meantime, Whitelock had gotten into trouble.
    • Seeing the teleportation circles that the dwarves used to move goods around the city, he decided to step into one.
    • And ended up in the merchant Traum’s Warehouse in the Drowned Quarter.
    • The dwarven workers there were very surprised by his appearance, and friendly enough to show him the way out, and give him directions back to the temple of Telyna.
    • Passing by another teleportation circle, Whitelock decided to jump through that too.
    • There followed darkness, and then pain.
  • Realizing by evening that Whitelock hadn’t returned, Zorg asked around, and found that Whitelock had been taken into custody by the Merchant Guard.
    • He had been found unconscious in a teleportation circle in a warehouse.
    • His thieves tools, rope and grappling hook marked him as a thief to the guard.
    • The next day, Zorg visited the merchant in question, and in exchange for 200 gp and a promise to keep Whitelock from further law-breaking, Whitelock was let go.
    • The Merchant Guard kept his thieves tools, and the several hundred gold pieces that he had on him at the time of arrest.
  • Also meanwhile, Tarkin researched the use of the Magical Anvil, and pretty much found out everything he needed to know about crafting magical items on it.

Meeting up with Torla Trollbender

(18th of Growth – 26th of Growth, underground)
  • The group returned to Torbilbetek.
  • There they joined up with Torla Trollbender, who also brought four senior clerics and a dozen Shield Warriors of Telyna led by the veteran Kromrig Moonheart.
    • They were all dressed in Green Iron armor.
  • Torla also provided info that the church had found on the master.
    • From the description provided by the former slaves it appeared to be an Aboleth. Details were sparse, mostly from legends, but:
      • It would be an aquatic being.
      • Master of Enchantment and Illusion magic.
      • Covered in slime, which “poisons” people to only be able to breath water.
  • Then the group travelled south to the Master’s tunnel.
    • Zorg and others were quite impressed by the custom weaponry and obvious competence of Kromrig and the Shield Warriors.
    • Upon arrival Vats failed to resist the enchantment aura, and thus were forced to spend the rest of the expedition inside a Circle of Protection cast on Torla Trollbender.

Meeting the Master

(26th of Growth)
  • The group were quickly met by a group of the Master’s slaves, who offered to lead them to the Master.
    • The group agreed.
  • They were lead through dwellings and storerooms carved for the workers, and then into an organic looking tunnel complex, before reaching the Master’s throneroom.
  • The Master was lying on a raised section of the room.
  • The Master spoke telepathically with Tarkin. Apparently it had a hard time penetrating the Green Iron helmets, and so could only talk with Tarkin.
    • The Master first offered that it would leave, and free the slaves, as soon as it was done with what it was doing. In about a month’s time.
  • Zorg wasn’t having it, and charged.
  • A fight followed, in which the heroes beat up on the Master, while the Shield Warriors defended against an attack by the Master’s Ulat-Kini warriors from the entrance.
  • The Master was killed, and the Ulat-Kini driven back and then destroyed as the last few tried to flee.

Finding the Master

(26th of Growth)
  • Unfortunately, when detect magic was applied, “The Master” turned out to be a shadow illusion.
    • But Karlain figured that the illusion would have to be cast from relatively nearby, unless it was a ritual of some sort.
  • The dwarves quickly noticed a secret door near the back of the room.
    • But they were unable to find a way to open it.
  • The group decided to head back upstairs to acquire pick axes from the store room.
    • This devolved into an ambush, but it was easily handled, and the pick axes brough back down.
  • Where the group found the tunnel to the throneroom blocked by the Master’s enthralled slaves.
    • The group beat their way through the group, shoving and beating them.
    • A couple of dwarves, apparently under domination, attacked out of the crowd.
      • One was ripped to shreds by Vren.
  • The rest of the crowd quickly fled.
  • The dwarves went to work on the secret door with the pick axes.
  • And then two (probably enthralled) Umberhulks attacked.
    • But they were relately easily handled by a combination of Vren and Zorg, with some help from everyone else.
  • After this, the secret door was knocked down, and the group passed through.
  • There was a short pause, when a dwarf appeared and negotiated on behalf of the master.
    • The Master offered to share half of what he had found, as long as the group would let his operation continue until “the power could be drained”.
    • The group didn’t take the offer.
  • Instead they followed the secret tunnel to a laboratory.
    • They dragged the laboratory’s keeper, a gnome, into the Circle of Protection to free him from the charm cast on him.
    • He still seemed pretty confused without the charm.
    • They found out that the laboratory produced clones, and had already produced two or three for every original in the complex.
    • The clones had the full memories of the original.
    • And some had escaped a while ago.
      • These might be the slaves that the group had dragged to Torbilbetek.
  • After this the group searched the rest of the complex, but found no trace of the Master. Neither did they see any signs of the enslaved inhabitants.

Meeting Hylarial

(26th of Growth)
  • The “ambassador dwarf” appeared again, and restated the Master’s offer.
  • Feeling that it couldn’t hurt, the group agreed to have the dwarf lead them to the center of the complex, so they could see what the Master was offering.
  • Passing through the complex Karlein realized that the bottom complex was one large, three-dimensional ritual circle of amazing complexity, channeling arcane energies even now while inactive.
  • At the center of the complex, the found a circular temple, holding a crystal in its center, which in turn held an angelic figure.
  • Tarkin, again, was the only person who could be telepathically communicated with.
    • The angel appeared to have been trapped in the Third Age, during a magical duel.
    • It had no awareness that time had passed.
    • It would like to be freed, but could offer nothing concrete in return.
  • The group decided to first have Torla contact her goddess, before deciding whether to free the angel.

The Secret Chamber

(26th of Growth)
  • They returned to the throne room.
  • However, before Torla could really do much communicating, Tarkin uncovered a secret tunnel hidden behind an illusion in the secret tunnel.
  • The group ventured in, and arrived in an illusory room, which hid a larger cave with a lake.
  • The lake was empty.
  • Vren was sent down, and swam through a tunnel that led from the lake, but didn’t find the Aboleth.
    • In one tunnel branch was a huge ancient dwarven hall.
    • In the other direction the tunnel walls were filled with small tunnels, as if though created by burrowing creatures.
  • At the bottom of the lake, a ritual circle was spotted, probably the circle maintaining the charm aura.
    • Vren disrupted it, ending the ritual.
    • This, however, did not seem to end the charm on Vats.
  • The group returned to the throne room, so Torla could commune with her goddess.
Arrival to Torbilbetek
23rd of Stocks - 24th of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group leave the Compelling Tunnel, fight with a bunch of charmed dwarves, and enter Torbilbetek.

Leaving the Compelling Tunnel

(23rd of Stocks, underground)
  • Glahc managed to talk two of the captured dwarves out of their charmed state.
    • One was a soldier from Torbilbetek, Thalgron Shaledweller, who had been part of a 20 man squad that was supposed to find out what had happened.
    • The other was Jenmura Orchammer, an emaciated nobledwarf.
  • Tied up were the other captured dwarf, two captured humans, Whitelock and Karlein.
  • The group talked with Thalgron, and learned that at least 200 other dwarves and humans has been caught by the charm, and were digging tunnels, engraving them with wave patterns and runes.
  • The group continued to push the raft upstream with poles, since Karlein was unable to summon new mounts in his bound and gagged state.

The dwarven cavalry

(23rd of Stocks, underground)
  • Approximately an hour after leaving the tunnel, a group of dwarven soldiers on horseback caught up with the group.
  • The group set up on the ledge next to the canal, and parlayed with the dwarves.
    • They claimed that one of the humans were a mage, who had used charm spells, and that they were there to bring the criminals to justice.
    • The group quickly decided that this all seemed very fishy.
  • Zorg lured in the leader of the soldiers, a Corporal named Thulmur Orchammer.
    • And then the group shot and beat him into unconsciousness before anyone could react.
  • The cavalry responded by charging, trying to ride down the people on the ledge.
    • But two attacks of opportunity later, the front to horses were dead by Zorg’s axe and Vren’s claw.
    • The rest of the charge ended up in a big pile.
  • Two dwarves were killed, and the soldiers seemed to see how ineffectual they were against the combat pair and withdrew.
    • One more soldier was knocked unconscious by the group before he managed to retreat.

Journey upriver

(23rd of Stocks – 24th of Stocks, underground)
  • The group tied up the unconscious corporal and unconscious soldier as well.
  • Zorg intimidated Karlein to summon another batch of mounts, before tying him up again.
  • Dragged by the mounts, the group made good time.
  • Vren was left to trail the raft, as a rearguard.
    • The dwarven cavalry trailed the group and tried to attack Vren a couple of times, but only suffered more loses.
  • Finally the dwarves seemed to give up, and disappeared.

Journey upriver

(24th of Stocks, underground)
  • The group arrived at Torbilbetek and were let inside, through an enormous portcullis which blocked the canal and side-road.
  • They explained themselves to a commanded, and everyone were detained for a while.
  • Another dwarf, not a soldier, turned up and had Zorg, Glahc and co explain everything they knew.
    • Zorg also volunteered that the group would be willing to take out The Master, if they could get some protection against the charm.
    • In turn the dwarf claimed that 100.000 gp wouldn’t be in excess of the kind of reward the group might get for such a task.
      • Given that the blocked tunnel is the city’s and the Dwarven Hold’s primary trade conduit to the southern empire.
  • In the end, most of the group was released, with Karlein and Whitelock kept in quarantine, as they were still under the charm.
  • Jenmura took the group to her family’s mansion in the Emerald Quarter.
    • They traveled there by Gondola, to the family’s private dock.
    • Turns out that the Orchammer clan have many nobles among its ranks, owning much farmland above ground and various industries and breweries.
  • At the Orchammer mansion, the group was thanked for bringing back Jenmura, who was the daughter of the man of the house, Bhelmin Orchammer.
    • Those thanks included 5000 gp in credit, and a free stay at the Green Rock Inn in the Emerald District.
  • After this the group split up.
  • Tarkin went to the archives in the Hall of Remembrance.
    • There he started researching how to use the Magical Anvil, the identity/specie of The Master and the working of Green Iron.
  • Zorg, Vats and Glahc went to the Iron District to do some shopping.
    • First they visited the lone wizard of Torbilbetek: Alfild Flamedaughter.
      • Unfortunately, she turned out not to be selling magical rings, armor or other serious magical implements.
    • Then they visited Dorsun’s Weapons and Armor. And Zorg ended up buying a bunch of stuff for Vats. Pimped out armor, shield and bastard sword, as well as a dagger in a spring-loaded holster.
The Compelling Tunnel
15th of Stocks - 22nd of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group journeys north on a barge, enters the underground canal, and encounter the Compelling Tunnel.

Journey North
h5. (15th of Stocks – 22nd of Stocks)

  • Whitelock and Black Spark hired a barge, which met the group a day’s journey to the north of Glasmond.
    • The owner of the barge, Thrawn, was the kind of person not to ask too many question when offered good money.
    • His two helpers, a pair of beefy, gay dudes, were Charan and Kesin.
      • They didn’t talk much, despite Zorg’s intrigued questions about their sexuality.
  • In the end, the group paid a hefty amount of money for the trip, and ended up purchasing the barge, when Thrawn didn’t want to go further.
    • He didn’t want to end up like all the others that had entered the Dwarven Canal and not returned.
  • So the group entered the Dwarven Canal alone, on the barge.

The Compelling Tunnel
h5. (22nd of Stocks, underground)

  • The group encountered a side tunnel to the canal, apparently dug from outside with tools.
  • The group felt compelled to enter the tunnel, some more than others.
    • Ragnar, who had scouted ahead, were already gone.
    • The group’s horses apparently also felt the pull, as they all ran down the tunnel.
    • Detect magic revealed an enchantment aura in the air all around.
    • After some talking, Whitelock, Vats and Karlein were the ones that felt the draw the strongest, and continued to argue for exploration.
  • The arguing continued until they save torchlight approaching down the tunnel.
    • It turned out to be four dwarves and five humans (three in Halacian soldier uniforms).
    • The group asked if they were also here to join the Brotherhood, to merge in Unity, under the Master.
    • Any questioning tended to run in rings, with the most information available being that he was Glorious, Huge and apparently not a human.
      • And he would bring everyone to Unity.
    • The group started preparing to pull the barge into the tunnel, all helpful, sending one of the dwarves back down the tunnel to get more people to help.
  • That is when Zorg whapped one of them with his great axe (nonlethally of course).
    • The rest of the group rushed forward.
    • Most of the non-compelled party members subdued the rest of the group.
    • Karlein successfully cast Hideous Laughter on Zorg.
    • Vren, a bit bloodthirsty, killed the three soldiers, before Tarkin admonished her to only use nonlethal attacks.
  • Once the fight was over, all the unconscious people were tied up.
    • That group ended up including Karlein, who Zorg knocked out.
    • Whitelock was not tied up, but was put under guard by Vren.
  • Then the group pushed the raft upstream, until getting outside the aura.
Escape from Glasmond
13th of Stocks - 14th of Stocks, Year 382

Where Rudolf is broken out of prison, the rescue party is destroyed by air power, and the remaining group leaves the city.

Fight at the Toppling Maiden
h5. (13th of Stocks, noon)

  • The fight with the inquisitor was settled quickly.
    • Zorg cleaved most of the opponents.
    • And then Vatz killed the last man standing.
  • Hoping that nobody heard the screams, the group continues packing, while leaving Glach to watch the stairs.
    • Glach sees someone peeking up the stairs and then retreat, and decides to cast invisibility to see what is going on.
    • On the second floor, another group of (law-abiding) adventurers living in the inn is gathering for an assault, having heard the commotion upstairs.
    • Glach quickly retreats upstairs and tells the rest of the group.
  • Zorg takes up position at the top of the stairs to tank the group, while the rest of the party finishes packing.
  • And the opposing adventurers assault.
    • Zorg finds himself hard-pressed to hold off the opposing fighter and two gunslingers (luckily all that can target him from the stair chokepoint).
    • Thrunn decides to climb out the window, climb to the floor below, and assault them from behind.
      • And Thrunn fails the climb. And Thrunn fails to grab onto the edge of the bridge. And dunks into the river.
      • He isn’t quite good enough to reach the river edge from the middle of the river, while wearing armor. He goes over the waterfall.
    • Zorg is getting steadily whittled down by the gunslingers while the fighter holds him off.
    • Then Karlein steps in and uses a lightning bolt.
      • The opposing fighter goes down, one of the opposing gunslingers goes down, and the last is heavily wounded.
    • The rest of that fight can be summed up as more blood, as the retreating gunslinger and their cleric and bard who was downstairs are put to the sword.

Leaving the Toppling Maiden
h5. (13th of Stocks, noon)

  • Vatz, is loaded up with all the group’s valuables, and using a levitation spell sent out to hide under one end of the bridge.
  • Glahc and Karlein use fly spells to transfer all the rest of the luggage to the roof, and hide themselves and Faedil up there.
  • And Zorg, Ragos, Tarkin and Ragnar all head towards the inquisitor HQ.
    • Unfortunately the alarm has been raised. At the city wall seperating the old quarter from the outer city, the gate is filled with soldiers checking everyone heading in and out. * * Zorg and Tarkin stays behind, while Ragos and Ragnar flies over the wall.
    • Flying over the wall requires Ragos to transform into a bird once again, using his last wild-shape of the day.

h5. (13th of Stocks, just past noon)

  • At the HQ the pair turns invisible and heads inside.
    • Ragnar had been inside before, and knew the way to the door to the prison cells. Unfortunately he had been unable to find a way inside.
  • But then the head inquisitor show up with a pair of strong-looking henchmen
    • The two invisible infiltrators follow at the heels of the inquisitor, through all the locked doors that he gets unlocked for them.
    • They get to Rudolf, but aren’t quite prepared to attack while the head honcho is there.
    • However, after a brief word with Rudolf, the head honcho leaves, while the henchmen leads Rudolf to the oubliette.
  • In the obliette room, Ragnar and Rogar kill the guards, though unfortunately they make enough noise to summon more guards.
  • These guards, however, flee when confronted with Rogar’s summoned Earth Elemental.
  • Returning to the entrance to the dungeon, they find the door locked.
    • However, a quick stone-shape later, and the trio leave through a hole in the wall, that leads into the HQ’s pantry.
    • Dressed in looted (and slightly bloody) uniforms from the killed guards, they bluff their way through the kitchen, and leave the HQ through the front door.

Failed Escape
h5. (13th of Stocks, just past noon)

  • Thrunn joined the others outside the inquisitor HQ.
    • He had been swept over the waterfall, and then climbed the cliff to the city, ended up in the back yard of a mansion. The gardner was not happy to see him, and called the house guard. However, a look from the wet, muddy, angry dwarf was all it took for them to agree that they saw no problem in letting him leave for the street.
  • They headed back to the Marble Quarter, and entered a mansion (dressed in inquisition uniforms, remember), got a hold of the butler, and said that they were looking for a dangerous fugitive.
    • The next five minutes was a charade of lies and make-believe investigation, ending up with the butler tied up in the garden’s tool shed, rope acquired, and Rudolf now dressed in the butler’s uniform (not really his size).
  • However, when the group left the tool shed, they were suddenly called upon to surrender, by a pair of bow-armed figures on the roof of the neighbouring mansion.
  • The moment they moved not to surrender, they were assaulted by an avalanche of arrows from the two figures, and once again asked for their surrender.
    *The group considered surrender, but they really didn’t want to end up in an inquisition dungeon.
    • Ragnar, the invisible imp, quietly abandoned the group.
    • Thrunn decided to try and fight.
    • Rogar and Rudolf made a break for the cliff edge.
      • Ragos was nailed to the dirt before he reached the edge, unconscious and bleeding to death.
      • Rudolf did reach the edge, and decided to risk everything and just jump.
        • He neded up a stone statue at the bottom.
  • Thrunn quickly found that he wasn’t just fighting two elite archers, he was also fighting a flying, invisible warmage hurling lightning bolts and magical missiles.
  • He ended up fortifying himself in the servant’s quarters in a mansion’s basement, with the soldiers apparently unwilling to come inside.
    • When they tried to flush him out of the basement, Thrunn did force them to retreat.
    • Then he counter-attacked out of the basement, killing the flush-team’s wizard.
    • But this kill was done in front of ten archers in the mansion lobby, which then riddled him with arrows.

Escape from the City
h5. (13th of Stocks, past noon)

  • Ragnar survived, and with him acting as courier, the rest of the group managed to team up again, and decided to leave town.
  • They did have to get past a military check point set up on the bridge
    • But Wren acted decoy, while the most of the survivors fought their way past.
    • Tarkin, Karlein and Faedil used fly spells to circumvent the checkpoint entirely.
  • The group hid out in an abandoned warehouse on the docks.
  • Karlein and Tarkin then flew, invisible, to the Silk Market, and hired a teamster to pick up the magical anvil from the bank, and drive it to a nearby hamlet.
  • Tarkin then proceeded to go to the offices of Sarama Rockdelver, and sold her the information that they had acquired the Codex Mabulum for Devayani Sharma.
    • She seemed very unhappy with the deal, but gave him 4000 gp worth of gold bars.
    • He also gave her the Black Stone.
  • The pair flew back to the warehouse.
  • Meanwhile, the guys in the warehouse had been found by the local freedom fighters/thieves guild, The Free Fists.
    • They offered to hide the group, and maybe in exchange the group would meet with their leader and help them with a few things.
  • Once Tarkin and Karlein returned, the group did agree to follow to the Free Fist hideout.
  • There they took a long rest, before talking with the boss.

The Free Fists
h5. (14th of Stocks)

  • The group met with the leader of the Free Fists, Arakhar.
    • He was a Syrinx, and wanted the group’s help in attacking the imperial administration, freeing Halacia to be its own state.
    • He said that he knew people who would be able to get Rudolf turned back from stone, if they would help.
    • Karlein had a vision of having visited Syrinx, and their masters the Sirpah, to get access to healing,
  • The group declined, thinking that staying in the city would be too dangerous.
    • Arakhar respected their decision, and gave them horses to aid in their escape from Halacia.
    • Two of his men, Whitelock and Black Spark also wished to join them, and became part of the group.
  • The group gathered together 6000 gp, which they gave to Arakhar to attempt to hire some adventurers to retrieve Rudolf’s statue.
    • The agreement was that the statue would be sent to Wymar, if it was acquired.
Rudolf in Trouble
9th of Stocks - 13th of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group uncovers riches, returns to Glasmond and discovers that Rudolf has been captured by the inquisition.

The Vault

(9th of Stocks)

Tower Loot

  • 300 pp. 8000 gp, 1700 sp

  • Having been told by the Alu-demon (Faedil) that there had been a vault in the tower, the group went to work.
    • Ragos tranformed into and Earth Elemental, and examined the rubble heap of the tower.
    • He found the jackpot, and the group hauled it out.

Return trip

(10th of Stocks – 12th of Stocks)
  • The group traveled back to Glasmond.
    • Along the way, they passed through Sheepdown, Vatz’s home hamlet.
    • Vatz’s parents weren’t too impressed by his new profession, though they did approve of Zorg.
    • Vatz got one of the local girls into the hay, by virtue of his new adventurer status.
      • This ended up earning him the eternal ire of the girl’s father, and he was forced to promise to marry the girl upon his return (and pay a dowry).

Finishing the mission

(12th of Stocks, noon – 12th of Stocks, late afternoon)
  • The group arrived back in Glasmond around noon.
  • Karlain, Tarkin, Ragos (and Mongo) brought the Codex Mabulum to Devayani, who paid them the promised amount, plus a bonus.
    • Tarkin held on to the Black Orb, since she did not explicitly ask for it back.
  • Zorg and co. hauled the elven weapons and armor to the Iron Market, and spread the word that they were holding an auction.
    • Once the auction started, the merchants paid dearly for the weapons, given the current iron shortage.
    • Zorg also bought a bastard sword for Vatz.
  • Both groups returned to the Toppling Maiden.
    • The inn keeper told them that Rudolf had returned from his quest and reacquired his room, but that he had been missing for the last four days.
  • Glahc spent some time asking around, and found out that Rudolf had been picked up by the city watch, apparently for his participation in the riot in Branna.
    • Asking around some more, he found that apparently word had been sent to Branna to send a witness back to Glasmond who could identify Rudolf.
    • He also found that Rudolf was imprisoned in the inquisition HQ.
    • In the end the group decided to wait and see, and to keep watch on the inquisition HQ the next day.
  • Thrunn, Karlain, Tarkin and Ragos ventured to the Silk Market bazaar, and traded the elven coinage found in the ruin for bank notes and imperial coin, and also sold the gems and light crystals looted from the ruin.

Finishing the mission

(13th of Stocks, morning- 13th of Stocks, noon)
  • Ragos turned into a raven and kept the inquisition HQ under surveillance, while the rest of the group, fully armed and armored, set up shop in a tea shop nearby.
  • Around noon, a priest of Iroh turned up.
    • Ragos reckoned that he was probably there to cast a Zone of Truth, but decided not to report back to the others.
    • Ragos shortly after saw the priest leave the building again, as well as an inquisitor and a group of henchmen which headed into the city. This time he did report to the group in the tea shop, before returning to his roost.
  • Glahc sent the new and improved Ragnar to try and scout inside the HQ, to figure out what was going on.
    • Since Ragnar was now an imp, he could turn invisible, and open doors, and all kinds of other useful stuff for a spy.
    • Ragnar uncovered that the inquisition were still unsure about his guilt, since he had been saying some outright crazy stuff about being a fairy prince, and having killed a dragon.
      • But a group had been sent to his inn, to investigate his stuff.
  • When Ragnar reported back, the group hurried back towards the inn, hoping to pack up their stuff before the inquisitor arrived.
    • However, the inquisitor had a head start, and was in the inn when they arrived.
  • They managed to sneak upstairs without the inquisitor, or the inn keeper seeing them.
    • Then they snuck inside their rooms, while inquisitorial henchmen were examining Rudolf’s room one door down the corridor.
    • In their respective rooms, the group members quickly packed the few things they had unpacked.
  • However, then the inquisitor showed up.
    • Tarkin and Thrunn gave him vague enough answers, that he went downstairs to inquire with the innkeeper again.
    • However, he did leave his henchmen to keep an eye on all four rooms that had group members in them.
      • Though Glahc was invisible, since he had heard the inquisitor starting to question people.
  • When the inquisitor returned from downstairs, Tarkin heard Zorg inquiring to whether this was about Rudolf’s covername.
    • He decided that the gig was blown, and signaled to Karlain, who quickly cast a sleep spell.
    • Two of the henchmen fell asleep. The inquisitor and four henchmen remained.
Defeating the Bosses of Mindon Imthas
7th of Stocks - 8th of Stocks, Year 382

Fighting the Demon

(7th of Stocks, afternoon)

Demon Room Loot

  • The Codex Mabulum
    • Summon Monster I, II & III spells
    • True name of 3 minor demons
    • True name of a major demon

  • The group buffed up with various spells in preparation for the fight.
  • A quick fight followed. The highlights were as follows.
    • Zorg charged in, and struck at the demon, in the process destroying the summoning circle keeping it trapped.
    • The demon trampled and grappled, and generally seemed to have far too many attacks, though luckily many were in-effective.
    • Thrunn was thrown through the air by Mongo, embedding his borrowed Leysol glaive in the demons chest.
    • After Thrunn was thrown away by the demon, Zorg was grabbed in its grasp.
    • He dropped his axe, drew his golden dagger, and plunged it into the demon’s eye, killing it.
  • Examining the demon’s throne, the group found the Codex Mabulum in a secret room inside, a massive tome that they got Mongo to carry.
  • They then withdrew to the surface to recuperate once again.


(7th of Stocks, afternoon – 8th of Stocks, afternoon)
  • The group recuperated.
    • Thrunn was worst off, but had Ragos looking after him.

Ice and Spikes

(8th of Stocks, afternoon)

Aradartis the Malficent’s Room Loot

  • Alu-demon on a chain
  • Aradartis the Malficent’s spellbook

Freezing Room Loot

  • Three red, faintly glowing gemstones

Portal Room Loot

  • The command word to the portal

Final Looting

  • 30 Leysol light gems

  • The group delved down once again.
  • They found a temple to Uldorn, the ancient Elvish king from the Age of Magic.
  • Then they found the bed chambers and study of Aradartis the Malficent, who had apparently been the leader of the tower.
    • This was informed to them by the Alu-demon they found chained to his bed, a pretty half-elf-half-succubus.
      • Zorg seemed most inclined to kill her.
      • Glahc seemed most inclined to just let her go.
      • But Tarkin convinced everyone that they should keep her around, at least until they returned to Glasmond, given that she might have useful information.
    • She could direct them to a secret door in the bedroom (which led nowhere they hadn’t been before).
    • She also pointed out her old master’s backup spellbook.
    • She also told them that there might be riches in the vault in the upper tower (which is destroyed in this day and age).
    • The group dragged her along, holding her by the chain.
  • They returned to the door that had been chained shut.
    • The alu-demon seemed to burn herself, when told to remove the chains, but they were simply cold to touch to everyone else.
    • Glahc used his keys to open the locks on the chains and look inside.
    • There was an ice elemental inside, as well as a bunch of weird looking skeletons.
      • But Zorg’s axe and a scorching ray from Karlain made quick work of it.
    • Zorg found some glowing gems in the three eyesockets of one of the larger skulls.
  • Finally they returned to the last unexplored part of the lower tower (that they could find): the corridor with the golem.
    • First they buffed up with spells.
    • Then Glahc opened the door, and cast Dispel Magic on the spot that he had identified as the paralyzation trap for this end of the corridor.
    • The fighters charged in, apparently the trap had been dispelled.
    • The floor surrounding the golem was filled with spikes, hurting the legs of those charging it, but Vren took the worst of it, with Zorg and Thrunn being okay.
    • The golem hit hard, but a massive swing from Zorg cleaved the golem in two, shortly into the fight.
  • Next the room leading off from the corridor was examined.
    • It turned out to be a teleportation chamber.
    • Tarkin noted the teleportation circle’s command word, in case he would ever want to use the circle.
  • On the way out, the group gathered all the magical gems lighting the rooms south of the trap corridors.

Aradartis’ Spellbook

Acid Splash
Arcane Mark
Detect Magic
Guardian Mote (3rd party)
Mage Hand
Ray of Frost
Read Magic
Resistance to Fear (3rd party)
1st Tier
Burning Hands
Comprehend Languages
Enlarge Person
Expeditious Construction
Expeditious Retreat
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Obscuring Mist
Stone Shield
Summon Monster I
2nd Tier
Alter Summoned Monster
Detect Magic, Greater
Fog Cloud
Fox’s Cunning
Guardian Beast
Protection from Arrows
Scorching Ray
Summon Monster II
3rd Tier
Dispel Magic
Lightning Bolt
Phantom Steed
Sleet Storm
Summon Monster III
Delving into Mindon Imthas
5th of Stocks - 7th of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group delves into Mindon Imthas, battling demons and the undead.

The last stretch

(5th of Stocks)
  • Early in the morning, the group was awakened by a small earthquake.
  • The group travelled north.
    • In the next hamlet they learned that an area to the northeast was often a source of earthquakes.
    • They also bought a heavy steel shield for Vatz.
    • Further north, the group discovered and visited a fireworkscrafter’s abode, acquiring some small noisemaker fireworks.
  • The group reached the outskirts of the mountains, and left civilization behind.
    • A group of wolves started a howl, and Ragos answered with his own howl: a challenge to their terroritory.
    • Later the group was shadowed by a wolf pack.
      • Vatz was given a crossbow, and a bit of tutoring by Thrunn, and set to shoot one of the wolves.
      • He missed, but the wolves fled.
  • The group traveled up a crevasse, and reached the entrance to Mindon Imthas.
    • Glahc opened the doors to the tower, by holding up the Black Orb, and intoning the Leysol word for “open”.

Sleeping Area Loot

  • Elven coinage: 194gp, 43sp, 38cp
  • 2 gems appraised to 40gp each
  • 3 bottles of wine
  • 1 flask of vinegar
  • 2 flasks of lamp oil
  • 1 bottle of ink

Mindon Imthas

(6th of Stocks, morning)
  • In the early morning a group of goblins approached the tower.
    • The group killed all except one, with Vatz getting a kill as well.
    • The last goblin was supposed to fight Vatz in gladiatorial combat, but when Zorg ordered it to take off its armor, it ran.
    • Karlain ended up shooting it down with a force bolt.
  • After some more rest and breakfast, the group first explored the upper tower, finding nothing but ruins.
  • They then ventured into the lower tower.
    • They first passed through a corridor with six statues, Glahc leading the way holding the orb high.
    • Glahc could feel the orb being attracted by something.
    • Down a flight of stairs, three doors.
      • All the doors in the lower tower were created from some Leysol silvery alloy.
      • One door lead into a series of sleeping cells, where the group secured various loot.
      • Another door lead down a corridor to a guard room.

Guard Room Loot

  • 2 mw Leysol longswords
  • 2 mw Leysol longswords claimed by Vatz and Karlain
  • log book of cell occupants
  • guard’s keys
    • 4 breastplates unlooted
    • 4 heavy steel shields unlooted

  • The guard room was guarded by 4 skeletal warriors, well armed and armored, but no match for the group.
    • Thus Vatz and Karlain each acquired a fine Leysol longsword.
  • Past the guard room were some prison cells, housing two elven skeletons and one snakeperson skeleton.
  • The guard room also had locked door.
    • The group found a log book, which revealed that the two elven skeletons were probably “traitor elves” captured at the start of the god war.
    • They also found the guard’s keys.
  • The keys were used to unlock the door.
    • The corridor beyond turned out to be trapped, causing people entering the corridor to fall asleep.
      • Vatz knocked himself unconscious, when Zorg ordered him to run through the doorway, only for him to fall asleep and knock his head pretty hard.
  • Beyond the corridor was a room theorized to be either a sacrificial chamber or slaughter house, judging by the chains, stone tables and blood stains.
    • In addition to a normal door, there was also a door that had been chained shut from the outside.
      • The group decided to avoid it.
  • Going through the normal door, Glahc entered a room with a fountain, where two demons immediately appeared in puffs of smoke.
    • The demons proceeded to cast a spell which roughly doubled them in size.
    • A fierce but short battle ensued, where Ragos was badly hurt.
      • Though he was healed afterwards with some healing potions.

Study Room Loot

  • A bunch of educational tomes on Conjuration magic and the Burning Plains
  • A bestiary of Burning Plains demons

  • From the fountain room, the group decided to venture the opposite way of what the orb wanted.
  • They entered a large room, combined workshop and study room, with several doors.
  • One door had a corridor leading back towards the stairs leading up.
    • However that corridor also paralyzed people entering it, and summoned a golem.
      • The group withdrew, and decided to leave the corridor alone for now.
  • Another door lead into a library, with a bunch of unarmed skeletons inside.
    • A fierce battle ensued.
    • More skeletons appeared through another door.
    • Some of the skeletons could cast magic.
    • And a fire elemental appeared and burned down the library when Wren entered the room.
    • Ragos was once again badly hurt.
    • Vatz managed to kill a skeleton.
    • None of the books from the library could be saved. The door was closed to allow the fire to burn itself out.
  • The other room that skeletons had appeared from appeared to be a classroom, though the group did not examine it closely.
  • With some being low on health and/or spells, the group decided to withdraw and rest.

Taking a breather

(6th of Stocks – 7th of Stocks)
  • The group rested for an entire day, their spirits much raised by Thrunn’s cooking.
  • Glahc utilized the time to move Ragnar’s spirit from the rat vessel to a summoned imp vessel.

Down once again

(7th of Stocks, afternoon)

Armory Loot

  • 4 mw Leysol longswords
  • 4 mw Leysol glaives
    • 3 studded leather unlooted
    • 4 breastplates unlooted
    • 4 heavy steel shields unlooted

  • The group ventured down into the lower tower once again, Glahc leading the way.
    • When passing through the guard room, the made a small detour to loot the armory that they had bypassed the first time.
      • Thus Vatz acquired a Leysol studded leather armor.
  • Instead of venturing back to the study area, the group decided to open the other door in the fountain room.
    • Behind which they saw a two story tall demon sitting on a throne in a summoning circle.
  • Despite discussion on whether the demon would be able to leave the summoning circle, the group closed the door again, when the figure started rising from its throne.
The Squire and The Wolf
3rd of Stocks - 4th of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group travels north towards the ruin of Mindon Imthas, Zorg hires Vats as a a recruit, and Thrunn breaks a dire wolf’s neck with his bare hands.

Visiting Sheepdown

(3rd of Stocks)
  • The group travelled north the entire day.
    • On the way, they encountered a flock of peasant pilgrims of Shadari heading south, but didn’t interact.
      • Their leader was a male priest of Shadari.
    • They also passed through a hamlet with a military barracks and watchtower. Zorg estimated maybe 40 men and 8-12 horses.
  • Come end of the day, the group rode into the hamlet of Sheepdown, and convinved the village elder to house them for the night.
    • Zorg trained with some teenagers, and gave them a couple of tricks.
    • Glach had an awkward conversation with his hosts, who really didn’t know enough about magic to be impressed by the large talking rat (or its large armored naked rat).
    • Thrunn was housed with an elderly couple that went straight to bed.
    • Karlain and Tarkin entertained the kids of the village with magic tricks, and found their house filled to the gills with kids.

Picking up a stray

(4th of Stocks, morning)
  • Zorg was awakened early by the youngsters, who wanted more tricks.
  • Thrunn created a heavenly soup for breakfast. The spices found in the ruins of Karrock were really, really good.
    • The leftovers were left to the kids who devoured them.
  • The village elder very politely asked for a bit of payment for the hospitality.
    • Zorg gave him 10 gold.
    • The elder was overjoyed, telling them they were welcome back any time.
  • Vatz, one of the youngsters that Zorg had trained, ran after them when they left the village.
    • He asked Zorg to become his squire.
    • He accepted.
    • Vatz had not consulted his parent about this.

The Wolves are Coming!

(4th of Stocks, noon)
  • The group heard a group of wolves attacking a hamlet, and galloped to the rescue.
    • Vatz was charged with killing a wolf.
      • Mongo kinda-sorta accidentally killed it.
    • Thrunn grappled a dire wolf to death.
  • In the aftermath, the villagers came out to honor the heroes
    • Ragos skinned a dire wolf (Thrunn’s grapple kill, with a massive axe slash in it) and the top half of the wolf that Vats should have killed.
    • The villagers were exhorted to spread the words of Vats heroic deeds.
    • The villagers also gathered their dead, who had tried to defend the village before the group arrived.

A bit further north

(4th of Stocks, rest of the day)
  • The group continued northward.
  • They made camp for the night, in an elevated area of the farmers’ fields, by a stream.
The Black Orb
30th of Hearth - 2nd of Stocks, Year 382

Where the party takes a mission from the leader of the Wizard’s Guild, and steals the Black Orb from the House of Scarlet.

Visiting the Guild of the Amber Flame

(30th of Hearth, morning)
  • The group visited the Guild of the Amber Flame
  • There they met the guild master Devayani Sharma, who had a job for them
    • The pay was 3000 gp, plus bonuses and penalties for good or bad behavior.
  • First step was to steal the Black Orb from the House of Scarlet
    • Apparently Devayani had tried to buy the orb, but had been denied.
    • When asked, she gave a scroll of Knock to Karlain, no questions asked.

Splitting Up and Casing the Scene

(30th of Hearth, midday to past midnight)
  • Karlain bought scribing supplies at the Emporium Arcane, and returned to the Toppling Maiden to write the scroll into his spellbook.
  • Tarkin scouted the House of Scarlet
    • After getting all the details he needed, he was seen by a gardener, who asked him to leave.
  • Thrunn bought coffee at the market from Dairin and Shiass.
  • At evening time Thrunn, Zorg, Ragos and Glahc descended on the Golden Warrior.
    • Thrunn brewed himself a cup of coffee at the counter, and regaled the host with newly learned details about coffee.
    • Glahc drank some Deepminer mead with his familiar.
    • Zorg and Ragos tried to start a party with the halfling merchant Canus, but only succeeded in drinking 10 shots of Yellow Lightning. Canus got good and drunk, but Zorg only got a buzz and Ragos was unaffected.
  • As the evening wore on, everyone went home, except Tarkin and Ragos who went to the House of Scarlet.
    • Ragos turned into a pidgeon and kept an eye on the scene.
    • Tarkin turned invisible, and took a look through the window to the library, while under the effect of Detect Magic.
      • Tarkin saw that the room had four display cases, one holding the Black Orb, and all with powerful auras of Abjuration magic.
      • Tarkin decided to leave the actual theft to the next night.

Work, work

(1st of Stocks, day)
  • Karlein purchased ingredients for, and created a scroll of Knock.

The Theft

(1st of Stocks, night)
  • Tarkin and Ragos (in pidgeon form) ventured out, while Zorg and Karlein waited in the inn, to open the door once they returned.
  • Along the way to the House of Scarlet, Tarkin got mugged by a group of six human muggers
    • Ragos, in pidgeon form, killed two of them, while the rest fled.
  • At the House of Scarlet, Ragos kept watch, while Tarkin proceeded.
    • Tarkin summoned Vren inside.
    • Then he cast Knock on the display case.
    • Then Vren opened the display case, activating a spell trap, which damaged her and made a loud noise like a bell
    • Tarkin ran, and once he felt that Vren needed to leave, summoned her to him.
      • This was in a spot where Vren was spotted by city guards rushing to the scene.
    • Vren gave the orb to invisible Tarkin, and was sent back towards the house, out of sight of the city guards, before she was summoned.
  • Tarkin and Ragos made it back to the inn without incident.
  • Zorg stood guard the rest of the night, in case anyone would follow the group back to the inn.

The Follow-Up with Devayani

(2nd of Stocks, morning)
  • Tarkin, Karlain, Thrunn and Glahc got a good breakfast, while Zorg and Ragos slept, then ventured to the Guild of the Amber Flame.
  • They met again with Devayani, who told them the next step.
    • They were to venture north to a Leysol ruin and secure the Codex Mabulum (roughly translated Book of the Flaming Lands).
    • The black orb should open the door to the ruin, and then lead them to the Codex, according to Devayani’s information.
    • The facility might have traps and guardians placed by the Leysol, but should be otherwise empty, since it had been sealed.
  • The group decided to start their journey the next morning.
Seeing the sights in Glasmond
29th of Hearth - 30th of Hearth, year 382

Where the party learns of the political situation, visits the bank, sells dwarven furniture, find the best inn, and set out in the search for adventure.

Arriving in town

(29th of Hearth, noon – evening)

Information Learned

  • The empire is currently divided between Salvia Aquilae (the mother), Marcus Aquilae (the uncle) and Titus Augurius (the right hand).
    • Salvia control Capacia and the eastern aels.
    • Marcus controls the aels of Annyria and Athasia in the north.
    • Titus control the aels of Halacia and Dicea in the south.
  • The golden general was called north by the imperial elect, but refuse because he feared that the Dairin might use the opening.
  • The Imperial Elect of Halacia has sent peace terms to Wyrmicia.
  • Marcus is moving troops west towards Wyrmicia.
  • Ships stopped coming down the river two weeks ago. Those sent upriver have not returned.
  • The Church of Sastix are looking for people to draw the Neo-Halacian movement out into the open.
    • The Free Fists in the slums appear to be Neo-Halacians.
  • Sarama Rockdelver is looking for some free agents.

  • The group was almost discovered entering the city, since there are wanted posters of Rudolf.
  • The city is full of beggars because of an iron shortage, so the group hired a guide for 1 gold piece.
  • The guide told them of the current political situation.
  • They deposited their magical anvil, and Rudolf’s sword in the bank in the Silk Market.
  • Then Rudolf visited Vayu, a plump female tailor, who would expand his leather jacket so that he could wear his dragon armor under it, color the inside green so it would work as camouflage, and sew yellow and red gemstones into the sleeves to make it look like flames. He could get the jacket back in five days on the 5th of Stocks.
  • The rest of the party delivered the dwarven vase, screen and wardrobe from Karrock to the business offices of the Rockdelver merchant family, and later accepted 1000 gp as their price.
  • Finally the entire party met up at the Toppling Maiden, an inn that seemed to have adventurers as its primary clientele.
    • Rudolf chatted up another adventuring group (mostly because he was interested in their dragonborn) and ended up badgering them into taking him with them on a dungeon delving expedition.
    • Tarkin talked with the barkeep who told a bunch of rumors, including some people looking to hire adventurers.
  • Tarkin and Karlain went to the university district. There they saw the College Arcana and the War College and drank some tea at the local tea shop.
    • They talked with a student, and were told that 20 years ago the Department of Conjuration had gone bad, so now the college no longer had a conjuration department, and conjuration was looked at pretty badly. Moreso than necromancy even.

Vising the temple of Sastix

(30th of Hearth, morning)
  • Rudolf went to the dwarven quart and talked with the armorer Bardohr Blackbeard.
    • He told him it would cost 600 gp to enlarge John’s chainshirt, and he wouldn’t deliver it until six days in the future.
    • Rudolf declined.
  • The rest of party went to the temple of Sastix.
    • Here the priests told them that the mission was to draw out the Neo-Halacian movement.
    • This should be accomplished by inciting a riot, draw the riot across the river, and then cut them off and let the army kill them all.
    • The church insisted on complete deniability.

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