Titan's Teeth

The Quisling Nest, The Heart of Cold and The Moonwell
Outside of time

Leaving the Meadow of Dreams behind, Tarkin told the Gatekeeper about his first summoning, where he, self-taught, had summoned a gremlin. He now remembered that the Gatekeeper had actually been there, on the other side of the summoning circle. Accepting the payment, the Gatekeeper lead them to the Quisling Nest.

The group moved forward, until they could see an opening leading into a hill. The tree in this area seemed to be covered in rime, in cobweb patterns. Thrunn, keen-eyed, spotted frost spiders ahead. A couple of larger ones, but also hundreds or thousands of smaller ones, covering the trees, masquerading as rime patterns.

The group decided to light torches, in case the spiders should decide to attack. When the torches were lit, the spiders suddenly started moving, swarming down the trees to gather in a large swarm between them.

What followed was a battle of attrition. While spider swarms continuously nibbled at them, the group first fought down the first, then used a fireball to take out a second wave, then fought down a third wave, and then charged into the nest once reinforcements seemed to have been depleted. Navigating through the tunnels, they encountered the Quisling Spider Queen, surrounded by swarms of more spiders. Another fireball took them out, and combat was initiated. Ragos was given the token, and tried to reach the crystal in the middle of the room, which seemed to be a node of power, but on his way there more spiders swarmed into the chamber. Finally, with the Quisling queen almost dead, and spiders swarming everywhere, Ragos put the token in the node. The spiders immediately withdrew slightly, and after a brief hesitation, the group ran out of the nest, spiders continuously just at the edge of vision.

Ragos told the Gatekeeper the story of how he had encountered Mongo in a circus, and had freed him, forming a strong bond with the ape. In return the Gatekeeper lead them to The Heart of Cold, a frozen, snowy plain. Thrunn was buffed with spells to protect him against the cold, and sent into the snows. It did become extremely cold, but the spells managed to protect the dwarf, and he deposited the token without much fanfare, and found his way back to the group.

Next Zorg told the Gatekeeper about how he met his mentor in the Blackwatch, when he was being attacked by bandits, and the mentor stepped in to save him, wielding a large two-handed axe. With this payment, the Gatekeeper lead them to the Moonwell.

Here the group fought two humungous white bears, killing them, and finally placing a token in the moonwell, bringing it under the control of Orellia the Grey.

This fight, as well as the Quisling nest, had taken a lot out of the group, and they decided to revisit the Emerald Spring before taking on Cassandra. Zorg told the Gatekeeper a story about how, during his training, one a hot summer day, he had shit his plate armor, and nonetheless kept training to avoid calling attention to the fact. The Gatekeeper accepted the story, and lead the group back to the Emerald Spring, where they healed their various wounds and ailments.

The Emerald Spring and the Meadow of Dreams
Outside of time

The group journeyed of from Queen Titania‚Äôs Castle headed to Orellia the Grey to pick up the tokens that she had offered them. On the way they passed a trio of Mastodonts, huge rock creatures which ripped rock from the ground and crushed it to eat the gravel. Reaching Orellia’s mountains, they traversed up the road leading up the slopes, while under surveillance from her gargoyle guards.

The entrance to Orellia’s castle, a grey bastion of elegant stone, was guarded by a pair of Urguai. The stone guardians let them inside after a command from Medusa, and Medusa swiftly led them through the castle, past Orellia’s courtiers. In Orellia’s throne room few words were spoken. Orellia directed them to pick up the tokens that would be used to take over Cassandra’s nodes of power, and the necklaces that would protect them from Cassandra’s charm powers. The group tried to press her for information, but was unwilling to pay, when it turned out that she would want a favor in return.

Outside the castle, Medusa conjured the Gatekeeper, and Rudolf payed the Gatekeeper’s price by telling a story about how, during his training to the Blackwatch, he was caught by a teacher doing something quite embarrassing.

The Gatekeeper lead them to the Emerald Spring. Rudolf scouted ahead, and spotted Chrosnar the Giant resting on his throne over the spring. After a quick discussion about tactics, the group moved in, and relatively quickly brought down the giant through a combination of ranged fire from Rudolf and devastating melee from Thrunn and Zorg. Wounded, the giant fell back and offered surrender to the group, but Thrunn simply moved in and dispatched the giant with two mighty blows.

Those that needed it healed up in the magical spring, and Tarkin placed the token in the spring with the help of Zorg. The ground shook, as control of the node of power was passed to Orellia. Then Thrunn offered a story to the Gate Keeper of how he had once allowed a human woman to braid his beard. He had been in love with that woman. Accepting the payment, the Gatekeeper led them to the Meadow of Dreams.

Several tries were made to penetrate the fog that shrouded the Meadow of Dreams, but those that ventured inside quickly feel into a sleep-less dream. Luckily the victims were secured to a rope, and could be pulled out by the rest of the group, once it became apparent that they had succumed.

First was Rudolf, who dreamed that he was ambushed by goblins in a forest, but escaped, only to witness a large goblin army on the move.

Second was Thrunn, who dreamed that he was in the mountains near his childhood home, and found a dwarven caravan that had been attacked and massacred.

Next they tried sending in Vren, without a rope. Through her eyes, Tarkin witnessed her moving through the fog, fighting imaginary foes, and at one time passing just past the font at the center of the meadow.

After a lot of discussion, it was finally decided to send in Rudolf and Thrunn together, tied to the same rope.

The pair first dreamed their way into a ruin, dodging traps and kobold ambushes, before finding a temple to Tiamat with a dragon statue covered with gold. However, when they tried to loot the statue this time, the statue came alive and attacked them. Through fireproof armor and some luck, the pair overcame the dragon, and Rudolf stuffed his bags with dream gold. Rudolf also tried placing the token on the altar of the temple, hoping that it might be the node of power, but nothing happened.

Leaving the ruins, the pair entered the streets of Highspring, and was beset by dark elf assassins. Fleeing across a square, they sought refuge in the temple of Castiri. There they talked with one of the priests, telling him that they were in a dream, and asked if he could lead them to the node of power. The priest acknowledged that they were in a dream, but found this a problem, since they couldn’t offer him any knowledge to the real temple of Castiri while in this dream. He offered his help, however, on the promise that they would come to the temple once they had returned to the real world, to accept a mission to bring the temple a specific piece of knowledge that they were looking for.

Rudolf and Thrunn agreed, and the priest led them down the stairs, and through the large double doors that would under normal circumstances have led to the library. In this case, it lead into a small forest clearing, at the center of which stood a font. Rudolf placed the token in the font. And both the people in the dream, and those outside felt the earth shake. Expecting the dream to end now, the pair offered their goodbyes to the priest, only to stand there awkwardly when nothing happened.

Meanwhile in the real world, the rest of the group took the shaking to mean mission success, and dragged the pair back out of the fog, before applying a bit of physical abuse to wake them up.

Preparations against Cassandra
Outside of time

Knowing their mission, the party decided that they needed to know more about Cassandra and her powers before they were to face her. They were directed to Queen Mab’s library, cave underground carved from the frozen dirt, in which stood shelf upon shelf of books both benign and not. There they met the Centipede Librarian, who seemed quite willing to provide them aid, though short of words and protective of his books.

Tarkin got to researching, learning fact upon fact of Cassandra and her powers and limitations. As he did he was slowly freezing to death in the cold of the library, while watched over by Zorg and Thrunn.

Meanwhile Rudolf was conducting his own research. First he learned about his family, consisting of Queen Titania, King Oberron and his 20+ brothers. He spent some time reading about the exploits of his brothers, generally coming to the conclusion that they all looked to outclass him in one category or another.

Next he looked into the malevolent books of the library, taking a book written in Abyssal named Rituals and Portals. Before the Centipede Librarian would allow him to read it, it locked him inside a separate reading room. There he managed to not accidentally cast any spells, but instead memorized a ritual to summon a Hellwasp Swarm. The memorization did cause some impairment to his mental faculties, and he wont be able to control any swarm that he summons. But the spell is there if he needs it, buzzing in the back of his mind.

Once the group met up again, a plan was formed from the facts learned by Tarkin. The group would try to remove Cassandra’s five nodes of power from her influence. Rather than destroy them (since this would be troublesome for Medusa once she took over), they would instead transfer them temporarily to another baroness, from which they would extract the promise that the nodes would be returned to Medusa as soon as she became Baroness of the Red. For this purpose they would seek out both Sirius the White and Orellia the Grey, hoping to give each baroness half, so as not to cause too great a shift in power during the mission (one baroness with all five nodes would control two thirds of the winter realm and might do something unfortunate, before Medusa became Baroness of the Red). One the nodes were taken from Cassandra, the group would seek her out, kill her, and have Medusa take over her position.

With this plan in mind Medusa lead them first to Orellia. Orellia was quite willing to go along with the plan. She promised that she would return all five nodes as soon as Cassandra became the new Baroness of Red, and promised that she wouldn’t try to stop the group from killing Cassandra. An additional deal was struck, in which Orellia would protect the group against Cassandra’s charm abilities, in exchange for a deal where both Orellia and Medusa + the group promised that they would never act against the other party. Medusa extracted the additional concession that she would get to keep her lair.

Next the group ventured to the clearing of Sirius. However, there they found that Cassandra was also there, talking with Sirius. As soon as the group entered the clearing, Cassandra loudly fingered Rudolf McCliff, announcing that he owed her. It soon became apparent that Rudolf and Zorg had killed some of her minions on their last visit to her castle, and thus Rudolf had broken the rules of hospitality.

Cassandra could have claimed Rudolf for her own due to this offense, but was willing to settle for less. Possible options included Zorg or some of Rudolf’s blood. In the end it was agreed that Rudolf would bring her a personal item belonging to Queen Titania within a year.

With this new mission hanging over their heads, and Sirius talking with Cassandra, the group decided to cut its loses, and leave all the nodes to Orellia (she had been quite earnest that she would give them back, and do nothing to impede Cassandra’s death).

So the group left Queen Mab’s court, and traveled to Medusa’s lair, where Medusa picked up several items, including some oils to be rubbed on the eyes to see that which is invisible, and some healing potions.

Next the group traveled to Queen Titania’s castle. There Rudolf and Medusa met with Titania who was still quite weak and bedridden. Titania was quite disappointed with the deal that Rudolf had made with Queen Mab, but decided that it couldn’t be helped. She also voluntarily handed over one of her own personal brushes, in return for Rudolf losing any favor that he might have earned for returning her items to her. While he was there anyway, Rudolf promised her a favor in exchange for her getting the troll smiths to quickly craft a small necklace of fireballs.

Meeting Queen Mab
Outside of time

The group journeyed out from Queen Titania’s Castle. It was snowing rather heavily at this point, and the snow was reaching them to the knees, even here in The Summer Realm. They decided to cross The Burning Plain for maximum speed, and did so without much trouble. The burning skeletons that tore themselves from the ground this time around were easily handled by these elite adventurers.

Once on the other side they used a place token to find the stone circle where they had previously entered Cassandra’s realm, wading through the deep snows to reach it.

At the stone circle they saw furrows leading from the stone circle, where other creatures had previously left the site. Following one, they found Veraden, a spooky fey lady shrouded in darkness. Zorg and Thrunn, able to see her clearly with their darkvision, immediately fell in charm with the fey. Tarkin inquired if she could lead them to Cassandra’s castle, and she agreed. On the way, however, she suggested to Zorg and Thrunn, that they might want to go to her place instead, and they agreed.

As they trudged through the snows towards Veraden’s den, the darkness steadily grew darker, until Tarkin cast a light spell. The light upset Veraden greatly, and she hid until Tarkin dampened the light with a cloth. A stray comment, then made her realize that they were heralds of Titania, and that Rudolf, one of Titania’s sons, were with them. She quickly agreed with Tarkin that it might in fact be better if she led them directly to Cassandra, instead of the detour.

At Cassandra’s castle, Rudolf vouched for the rest of the party, and they went inside. Journeying through the halls, Rudolf saw the chance to pilfer some trinkets.. poorly, though none of the witnesses mentioned anything. Veraden led them to Cassandra’s majordomo, a black satyr, who in turn lead them to Cassandra. Veraden waited outside.

Cassandra was more than willing to help the group, though she was disappointed that they had arrived too late. She had already Titania’s artifacts over to Queen Mab. Cassandra would, however, be willing to hand over a place token to reach The Crossroad and Queen Mab’s court. All she required was payment. After some discarded suggestions (including Tarkin as a slave boy), Rudolf ended up agreeing to leave John with her, until they next returned to the castle, at which point John would be returned.

With place token in hand, they then ventured to the Crossroad. There they saw the guardian, and entered it, reaching Queen Mab’s Court.

In one of the clearings of the court, they met Derlan, a fey lord who had recently acquired himself a realm, thanks to the Winter Realms expansion. Before this he had apparently worked as a mercenary, and he applauded the group for the nice work they had performed for Cassandra, in destroying Sirius the White’s well.

Apparently Sirius passed nearby, as two of her riders dropped by shortly, though they didn’t seem interested in the party.

Shortly after that, one of Derlan’s people had found the Queen, and led the party to another clearly in the court, Orellia’s clearing, filled with benched and columns of grey stone. Queen Mab was seated with Orellia at the high table, conversing. At the high table, as far from Orellia as possible, also sat Medusa.

Rudolf, trailed by the party, made their way through Orellia’s entourage, only being stopped shortly by a Minotaur desiring to fight Rudolf in single battle to claim his head for Orellia. Rudolf declined, but promised a match later. Rudolf then reached the high table, and for once was polite in his dealings, greeting Queen Mab. Queen Mab in turn finished her conversation with Orellia, and led the party to her private throne room.

There the party tried to convince her to hand over Titania’s artifacts, but had problems getting Mab to agree, since she was quite happy with the current situation. As possible prices, she mentioned Rudolf becoming one of her Winter Knights, or the party performing rituals in the grey world, to drive winter further south. In the end, another solution was settled upon. Rudolf would be life bonded to Medusa, would kill Cassandra, and would then have Medusa raised to new baroness of the red. Mab would be allowed to redraw the borders of the red barony following this transfer of power, and would deliver Titania’s artifacts to Rudolf at Cassandra’s castle.

Rudolf agreed, and was life bonded to Medusa. His life is her life, and vice versa, and he is now able to feel her moods, and approximate position.

Early Winter
13th of Books - ??, year 381

The group returned to Southden, got their reward and a job offer, and then journeyed north back to Wymar. They found an early winter setting in, and decided to venture into the Faerie to see what was going on. There they found the Summer Realm covered in snow, and Queen Titania weakened.

Reaping The Rewards

  • After harvesting the dragon, the group returned to Southden, and was brought immediately to the palace.
  • Imperial Elect Lucius Surius welcomed them personally.
    • He offered them a job as special agents serving him directly.
    • The group promised to think about it, but said they needed to return to north first (they didn’t tell Surius, but they wanted to get their favor to Titania out of the way).
  • Afterwards they talked with the bureaucrats, who calculated Rudolf’s weight in gold (since he was the one who killed the dragon).
    • The group managed to convince the bureaucrats to get the gold paid out in merchant notes.
    • It took a day to get the merchant notes arranged, during which the group enjoyed the hospitality of the palace.

Back North

  • Surius borrowed the group an imperial messenger yacht to take them up-river.
  • On the way north, they experienced seasonally early snow. Rudolf figured that it was very early for snow to appear.
  • Once they reached the first ford, they had to change over to one of the river rafts heading north.
  • They got back to Marshalbourg
    • They found a thriving smuggling activity on the docks, and Zorg had received a message from the baron, asking if he could do something to curb the rampant smuggling. Since Zorg had an agreement with meister Sarkos he decided to do nothing.
    • Otherwise, the village was progressing nicely, with a finished palisade and the militia regularly venturing out to keep the surroundings safe from goblins.
    • Zorg gave 500(?)gp to Giles for the continued development of Marshalbourg.
  • Then they went into the forest, to cross over into the Faerie.
    • It had at that point been lightly snowing almost continuously for several days.

Rudolf’s New Gear

Goggles of Truesight crafted from the Dragon Eye.
Armor of the Shadow Dragon crafted from Dragon Scales.
Ring of Darkvision traded for Dragon Blood.

Tarkin’s New Gear

Fey Shirt traded for flasks of Dragon Blood.

Thrunn’s New Gear

Dragonscale Breastplate crafted from Dragon Scales.

Zorg’s New Gear

Dragontooth Axe crafted from a Dragon Tooth.
Ring of Strength crafted from Dragon Tooth and Dragon Blood.

Zorg’s New Gear

Dragontooth Axe crafted from a Dragon Tooth.
Ring of Strength crafted from Dragon Tooth and Dragon Blood.

Winter in the Summer Realm

  • In the Faerie, they found the ground covered in snow.
  • They found a fairy shivering in the cold, and got it to show them to Queen Titania’s castle.
  • The fairy told them that the Summer Realm was in crisis, with winter covering the land, and Titania weakened by an unknown condition.
  • Once at the castle, Rudolf visited Titania who was bedridden.
    • Titania figured that the curse could only be cast by someone who had access to some of her magic.
    • This brought on the thought that since Cassandra the Red had been gifted the Dancing Staff and Returning Hammer for the release of Lem, she might be responsible.
      • Rudolf also, to himself, considered that the fey that he traded the Oathbow with, might have worked for Cassandra.
    • Titania also reluctantly admitted that if the group were to solve this problem, it would amount to a favor large enough to wipe all their debts with her.
  • The group figured that they might have to fight Cassandra to get the items back.
    • They partly figured this, because they really wanted to kick her ass. They had been seriously tired of her manipulations for some time.
  • Before they left, however, the group decided that they would like to spend some time training, and wanted to avail themselves of Titania’s trolls to craft them some magic with the dragon parts they had acquired. Seeing as how time had no meaning in the Faerie, they could take all the time they wanted to prepare.

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