Titan's Teeth

Final Leg of Trip to Glasmond
24th of Hearth, year 382

Where the party escapes with the wealth previously guarded by a black pudding, acquire a cart, and travel eastward, finally reaching Glasmond.

Loot from Karrock

  • Large hollow glass container formed like billowing clouds, meant to hold holy water for the priests of Telyna (400-750gp).
  • An woodcarved screen of Telyna blessing her worshippers. Unfortunately, the wood has cracked over the years, leaving the screen damaged. (150-300gp).
  • 204 gp in old Mordark coins
  • Finely made Wardrobe in wood with carvings, (100-200gp).
  • 5 pieces of good quality azurite(cut), worth 20gp each
  • Magical Anvil. Allows the making of magical items without knowing the needed spells. (priceless)
  • Magical smithing tools. Provides +4 to smithing checks when used.
  • Masterwork longsword
  • 3gp, 17sp imperial coins (taxed 20%)
  • 10 bars of Green Iron, 1 pound each
  • Box of spices

The Black Pudding

(24th of Hearth, early evening)
  • An elaborate plan is created
  • Wren lures the Black Pudding from its store room to the one across the corridor, which is then closed.
  • The party loots the storeroom, leaving only behind the heavy blocks of fine granite.
    • Wren kept the Black Pudding busy, basically by running in rings.
  • When everything was hauled away, Wren attacked the Black Pudding, so Tarkin could find out what it tasted like.
    • Acidy licorice it turns out.
    • Also turn out that the attack caused it to split in two.
  • The group spends the night in the building above the city shaft.
    • Except Rudolf who were a tad nervous about being attacked by the Black Puddings.

Securing the Goodies

(25th of Hearth, morning)
  • Tarkin, Karlein and Ragos traveled to Oxfell and reported to the Prefect what had been found
    • They didn’t mention that the anvil or tools were magical
    • They did have to pay a 20% tax on the imperial coins they found on the dead adventurers
  • Then they bought a cart, to haul the loot for two of the azurite gemstones.
  • They loaded up the loot and travelled east.

Reaching Glasmond

(25th of Hearth – 29th of Hearth, noon)
  • The group traveled east.
  • On the first evening, Tarkin and Rudolf explored the collapsed ruins of some hill dwellings.
  • On the road, the group encountered two Halacian soldiers, each controlling a trio of Dire Badgers
  • While resting at an inn, Rudolf acquired a leather jacket with a dragon on it, as well as a red scarf.
    • That same night, he awoke in the middle of the night to see a tall figure in a black robe standing at the foot of his bed.
    • He blinked, and the figure was gone.
  • The next night, the group rested in the barn of a vineyard.
    • In the middle of the night, Rudolf was given a ring by an ice elf, claiming to be a courier for Medusa, and claiming that the ring would protect Rudolf from death.
      • Rudolf immediately put it on.
    • The next morning detect magic was cast on the ring, and it was shown that it radiated transmutation magic.
  • Just after noon on the 29th, the group reached Glasmond.
Delving Deeper
24th of Hearth, year 382

Where the party tackles the lower levels of the lost dwarven city of Karrock and runs into a stone-bending monster.

Further Exploration

(24th of Hearth, morning)
  • The group looked over the second floor, and found nothing of interest except some furniture.
  • The group searched the third floor.
    • In the eastern residential quarters they found a mushroom farm, with some tentacle crab monsters on the ceiling, which they fought and killed.
    • In the northern residential quarters, they found the camp of the grimlocks.
      • Including a dozen adults and several dozens younglings, hiding in the room furthest from the entrance.
      • They tried to communicate with the grimlocks through a closed door, but couldn’t understand their language.
      • They decided not to kill the grimlocks, leaving them in the room and just stole some of their stuff.
    • In a store room, they found ten one-ound bars of Green Iron.
    • In the smithing hall, they found a magical anvil, and magical smithing tools.
  • The group searched the fourth floor.
    • And found a earth-bending monster.
      • They left it alone to begin with.
    • They searched the rest of the floor, except the mines, and found a spice box in an abandoned stockroom.

Things go bad, very fast

(24th of Hearth, just before midday)
  • Zorg and Rudolf dares Tarkin to send Wren into the room with the earth-monster.
    • A 100gp bet is involved.
    • Tarkin thinks it is a bad idea.
  • Wren enters the room with the monster.
    • When she gets to close, the monster charges, and slams her inside a wall.
    • Tarkin recalls Wren to his side, and everyone starts fleeing.
    • The monster traps Mongo, Thrunn and Rudolf in stone, and then leaves.
  • Karlein starts preparing the Reduce Person spell.

Things go bad, very fast

(24th of Hearth, early evening)
  • With the aid of Reduce Person, Mongo, Thrunn and Rudolf are removed from the stone.
Delving into Karrock
19th of Hearth - 24th of Hearth, year 382

Where the party delves into the bowels of the lost dwarven city of Karrock.

Training skills

(19th of Hearth – 23rd of Hearth)
  • The group spent a small week honing their skills, before making the delve.
  • During the night of the second day, Grimlocks emerged from the stairs, immediately retreating upon being spotten by the group’s watchmen.
  • Later the same night, the Grimlocks came back. This time Rudolf was watching the stairs, and shot three of them dead, before the last fled.
  • Tarkin and Karlein went to Oxfell, buying a huge pile of torches and various other equipment.
    • They could also buy 3 healing potions, for 200gp each, but decided not to.
    • The proprietor told them that he could get them a discount at the local inn.


(24th of Hearth, morning)
  • The group delved into the underground city.
    • The corpses of the Grimlocks were gone from the bottom of the stairs.
  • Rooms were explored on the first level
    • A burned storeroom with a malfunctioning golem.
    • An untouched storeroom, with a huge Black Pudding on the ceiling.
    • Some looted dining halls and kitchens.
    • A meeting room, office, bedroom combo, which were inhabited by Yellow Musk Creepers, and three Yellow Musk zombies made from former adventurers. These were killed by the group, but Thrunn suffered a light case of Tendrils-In-Brain, along the way.
    • A military training hall, where Tarkin, Karlein and Glach examined an almost undamaged golem, hoping to learn how to make one of their own.
      • They could only figure out how they might repair the current one.
    • Thrunn stumbled into an apartment complex filled with invisible gas, which sapped his strength and vitality.
  • The group decided to make their way to the lower floors.
Heading East
16th of Hearth - 19th of Hearth, year 382

Where the group continues the journey towards Glasmond, but is distracted by a dwarven ruin along the way.

Camping Out

(16th of Hearth, night – 18th of Hearth, morning)
  • The group rested up for the night without a campfire.
    • Early in the night they heard (and in Rudolf’s case saw) twenty mounted soldiers riding from the direction of Branna past their hideout towards the east.
  • The next day Rudolf went hunting, while Ragos and Thrunn went to a nearby manor and bought some food.
    • They both came back with new supplies (a total of six days worth).
  • Tarkin and Karlain researched the content of the chest that was found back in the submerged dungeon.
    • They discovered that the dungeon had been a Leysol research facility, experimenting with portal technology.
      • The research in question consisted of draining people’s life force to power a portal. When the armies of Kartas approached the facility, they considered using their research assistants as sacrifices, to finish the research, since they reckoned the Portal technology would be valuable for the war effort.
    • They also discovered how to start the portal. 1) Press blue crystal to boot up arcane matrix 2) Press red crystal to start draining energy from subject and open portal 3) Press black crystal to close the portal.
    • Finally they discovered the ritual Link Portals.
  • Come nightfall, Thrunn prepared a grand feast, expending 2 days of food (4 left).

Travelling East

(18th of Hearth, morning – 18th of Hearth, evening)
  • The group travelled east, past Donebar, and approached the village of Oxfell.
  • They decided to avoid the village, and instead travelled south around it, to the ruined citadel that they had seen from a distance.
    • Getting closer they could see that it was of old dwarven make.
    • Inside the walls were store houses, long ago damaged by fire, and a central hub where a shaft lead downwards.
  • The group spent the night, Zorg and Ragos trying their hand at cooking (3 days food left) while Thrunn, Karlain and Rudolf explored (finding nothing of interest).

Visitors and Visits

(19th of Hearth, morning – 19th of Hearth, early day)
  • The group prepared to journey on next morning, but encountered a group of ten soldiers from Oxfell.
    • They were about to ambush them, but Tarkin suggested maybe talking to them first.
    • The soldiers turned out to be there because they had seen fire in the night, and wanted to make sure no nasties had crawled out of the hole.
    • They also mentioned that the group would need to sign up with the Prefect in Oxfell, if they wanted to delve the dungeon.
  • Ragos, Karlein and Tarkin followed them back to Oxfell, where they signed up with the Prefect to delve the dungeon.
  • Leaving the Prefects office, they encountered Ka’akaw who turned out to also have signed up to delve the dungeon.
  • He joined up with them, and ventured back to their camp, where he met Zorg, Rudolf and Thrunn.
    • It become apparent that he was a member of the Blackwatch, who had at one point trained them (very briefly) in martial arts, a few years back.
  • Ka’akaw joined the group
Prison Break
16th of Hearth, year 382

Where the group breaks into the local Inquisition’s jail, kill one cool inquisitor, and escape from the city.

The Plan

(16th of Hearth, noon)
  • Having retreated back to Bull’s secret HQ, the group contacted, Bull.
    • He was quite unhappy about what they had done. Apparently they were ruining all the carefully laid plans.
    • He was, however, also adamant that Qurenay could not be allowed to blab to the Inquisition. In the end, he hired the group for 500gp to ensure that nobody would divulge any secrets to the inquisition, and to then leave town.
    • After much discussion, the group hatched a plan.
  • Rudolf had Bull send a messenger to retrieve Black Death from the bank vault.

The Prison Break

(16th of Hearth, early afternoon)
  • The group set up
    • Tarkin hid in an alley near the city guard HQ.
      • Though he was seen by two beggars.
    • Most of the party entered the sewers, carrying digging implements.
    • Rudolf and Ragos idled outside of the inquisitor HQ above ground in disguise, as backup.
  • Tarkin started the ball by summoning Wren, and sending her tearing into the HQ.
    • She killed an inquisitorial scribe, and caused a lot of panick.
  • Then Zorg and Thrunn started hammering away at the wall seperating the sewers and the jail (hopefully).
  • Wren spotted a suspiciously tactical inquisitor, pursued him into the cellar, used her superhuman strength to bash open the door he had barred, and killed him.
    • She then found Qurenay in a cell, got a crossbow bolt to the face, and killed the guy who shot her.
  • The rest of the group broke through the wall, though in another cell.
    • Qurenay was brought into the cell that they had broken through, reduced in size with a spell, and escaped through the hole.
    • He carried with him the inquisitor’s arm, with his brass knuckles.
  • Wren engaged some city guardsmen that were gathering above the stairs to the dungeon
    • She started by tossing the de-armed inquisitor at them. And was hit with a magic missile for her efforts.
    • She then charged up the stairs and killed two city guard mages. The normal city guards withdrew. When Wren followed she was hit by a barrage of bolts, from some city guards that had set up a firing line.
    • She grabbed the two corpses, retreated to Qurenay’s cell, barred the door with furniture and bodies, and was de-summoned.

Leaving the city

(16th of Hearth, early afternoon to past nightfall)
  • The group returned to their inn to get their gear and horses.
    • The inn keeper left the inn as soon as they arrived, and apparently fled to tell the city guard.
    • Tarkin summoned a pack of shadow wolves which cleared out the inn of guests, and kept the city guard busy, while the group gathered up their belongings.
    • They then galloped out of town, miraculously not trampling anyone on the way.
  • The group rode hard along the western road, not pausing until well after nightfall.
16th of Hearth, year 382

Where the people are lead into battle, and Qurenay meets an unfortunate fate.

The Battle

(16th of Hearth, noon)
  • Ragos and Thrunn broke through the guardsmen’s shield wall, and started killing them.
    • This first disconcerted the crowd, but Tarkin managed to rile them up again.
    • Tarkin revealed himself to be a caster, when he cast Mage Armor on Thrunn (though he was hidden insidethe crowd).
    • Rudolf was busy inside the tea house complaining about the noise outside.
  • When city guard reinforcements arrived, Zorg killed most of one squad in one mighty swing, while Tarkin directed the crowd to grab weapons and charge the other squad.
    • Rudolf emerged from the tea house, and began taking names. John charged over the crowd, causing a fair amount of scratches, and latched onto the face of a city guardsman.
  • Next a squad of common soldiers arrived.
    • Zorg started maneuvering around to get behind them.
    • Thrunn, Ragos and Qurenay lined up on the outer side of the gate, placing the charnel house of the gate itself between them and the soldiers.
    • Glahc was busy dragging weapons from the gate to the crowd, who were still beating up on the city guard reinforcements on the outer side of the gate.
    • The common soldiers weren’t causing the gate trio too much trouble.
  • Then more reinforcements arrived, in the form of a squad of elite infantry and a squad of elite archers.
    • While the elite infantry moved up the street, the archers rained arrows on the gate trio.
      • A combination of cover, poor marksmanship and the archers not using Rapid Fire, meant that the rain was survivable.
      • Still the trio decided to withdraw to the sides, so the archers couldn’t see them.
    • With no other targets available, and Rudolf having taken out three of their numbers, the archers focused fire on Rudolf, injuring him pretty badly.
  • The elite soldiers moved into the gate.
    • The crowd took down the last of the city guard, and emboldened by Tarkin charged the elite infantry.
    • The group began to withdraw from the combat, while the crowd got slaughtered by the elite soldiery.
  • The crowd broke quickly under the rain of arrows and scimitar blows.


(16th of Hearth, noon)
  • While most of the group got away in time, two had trouble.
    • John was too busy eating a dead city guardman to take notice of the retreat.
      • He then tried to attack the elite infantry when they approached.
      • Only after being injured, and finding himself unable to penetrate their shield wall did he climb up a building and retreat.
    • Qurenay got isolated, and attack by the soldiers. Getting wounded badly, he pretended to fall dead.
      • The soldiers weren’t fooled, and beat him til he was unconscious.
  • Ragos had made himself into a little bird, and followed the soldiers as Qurenay was dragged away.
    • Qurenay was handed over to the inquisition, and jailed in the City Guard HQ in the Market District.
Seeing the sights in Branna
3rd of Hearth - 16th of Hearth, year 382

Where the group arrives in Branna, signs up with a conspiracy, kills random people in the slums, and maybe starts an uprising.

Arriving in Town

(3rd of Hearth)
  • The group arrived in town with three goals in mind. Cashing in their promissory note, getting a mercenary license, and getting some training done.
  • On their way to The District of Law, they passed by the shop of the sage Khedin the Illuminated, and popped in to see what he was about.
    • They ended up selling two ankheg eggs to him.
  • In The District of Law, they got their money from a bureaucrat, and then spent the 200 gold to create a mercenary company.
    • It is called The Centurions.
    • And Thrunn is the official Mercenary Captain.
  • Then they headed to the Market District and settled down in the The Herder’s Shark.
    • The inn is not maritime themed, except for the large, stuffed shark under the ceiling.
    • But the inn-keeper is a former sailor who has been through some adventures if you are to believe him.
  • Then they spent a bunch of time selling stuff.
    • They did not sell the *, but got a certificate from the wizard’s guild, certifying its magical abilities.
    • Rudolf stashed Black Death in the local bank.

Training Up

(4th of Hearth – 8th of Hearth, evening)
  • And then they trained.
  • During their training, they heard of various troubles going on in the city, first and foremost, the lower classes being dissatisfied and clashing with the city guard.
  • They decided, that rather than travel on, it might aid the war effort, if they pushed the squabbles into full-blown rebellion.
  • While they were discussing this, there was a knock on the door.
  • Glahc entered the party.
    • His familiar Ragnar Ironhide wanted them to meet someone who could aid them.

Meeting Shosen Bull

(8th of Hearth, evening and night)
  • At Bull’s Shipyard, they met with the owner Shosen Bull.
    • Since Ragnar Ironhide had provided them with a password, Bull assumed that they had been sent by “her”.
  • As such they were invited to a meeting, below one of the storehouses in the shipyard later that night.
    • At the meeting, they were introduced to Qurenay, a half-elven mercenary, who semi-joined the party.
  • Later that night, they stood guard while Bull and some other mercenaries smuggled weapons into the city.
    • Nothing happened.

Weapon Smuggling

(9th of Hearth, night – 10th of Hearth)
  • The next night they met again, and hashed a plan to distribute the weapons to various factions in the city.
    • Due to the group’s input, it was decided that they would provide a distraction, allowing the rest of the weapons to move unseen.
    • The distraction would be the group trying to transport weapons to Blacktown.
    • They would pretend to have been hired as mercenaries, without knowing the cargo. Hopefully this would keep them out of trouble.
  • The next day, the group tried crossing the bridge as planned, with Thrunn, Zorg, Ragos and Rudolf escorting the wagon (pulled by Mongo), while the rest of the party watched from a distance.
  • They were stopped as planned, and managed to kinda sorta convince the guards that they had not known about the weapons.
    • Still, they still had to follow the wagon to the city guard HQ, so they could be questioned.
  • Along the way to the HQ they were ambushed, with one of the city guards being injured.
    • This drew in a ton of other city guardsmen.
  • At the HQ, they were in hot water, due to them not really being able to bluff their way through a cover story.
    • As leader of the mercenary company, Thrunn took the word, and masterfully extracted them from the hot water onto dry ground.
  • Due to them talking about them having trouble finding work, one of the guardsmen suggested that they talk to the wool merchant Nedar Dhemma.

The Thieves Guild

(11th of Hearth – 13th of Hearth)
  • Zorg, Thrunn, Rudolf and Tarkin visited Nedar Dhemma.
    • He wanted them to find the local thieves guild, and give the information to the city guard, while mentioning how they had been hired by him to do it.
    • He would pay them 300 gp, if the information was sufficient to wipe out the thieves guild.
  • The group hesitated to accept, thinking it might clash with Bull’s plans, and requested some time to discuss it with the rest of the mercenary group.
  • At the nightly meeting, they talked with Bull, and he had no problem with them taking out the guild.
  • So the next day, they went to Dhemma and accepted.
  • The day after that (the 13th), they crossed into Blacktown to look for the guild (since everyone seemed to think it was over there).
    • They divided into four groups.
    • Glahc (and Zorg) found a ratfolk hive and sold 2 mage armor potions to Dallel, the local black market guy.
    • Ragos and Tarkin barged into the deal with Dallel, thinking he might be part of the thieves guild, and Ragos got shot with the heavy crossbow Dallel has under his kitchen table. The two withdrew without further fight.
    • Karlein and Thrunn found what appeared to be a smuggler hide-out.
    • Rudolf and Qurenay visited the inquisitive, and then the inquisitive’s private quarters when he (she?) wasn’t out in the front office.
      • Then they killed three suspicious characters who followed them in there.
      • They might just have been the neighborhood watch, but they are also suspected of having been a thieves guild hit squad.
      • The bodies were left in the front office, where they fell.
      • Rudolf insulted Qurenay’s professionalism, and Qurenay got upset and simply left, back to the mainland.
    • In the end, no traces were found of a thieves guild, and Dallel said that he was quite sure there were no guild in Blacktown.
  • So, Ragos and Glahc spent the night touring the sewers, asking the rats if they knew of any humans hiding out down here. That didn’t bring anything either.


(14th of Hearth – 16th of Hearth)
  • On the night of the 14th, Bull informed the conspirators that Councilwoman Vo would make a proposal to the council tomorrow. The proposal would undoubtedly fail, which would anger the lower classes.
    • Either the lower classes would start rioting on their own, or the conspirators would need to give them a little push.
  • The next day, it happened just as Bull has said. The group wandered the Districts of Wool and The Lamb, and the some of the populace were upset. There was wide-spread agreement to meet the next day, and march upon the District of Law to demand change.
    • The group fought this would be an excellent time to spark trouble.
  • During that night, Rudolf stole a half-finished city guardsman staff from Bumma’s smithy.
  • The next day, the demonstration went ahead.
    • The demonstrators all appeared unarmed, much to the dismay of the group.
    • Tarkin, Thrunn, Karlein and Glahc hid in the crowd.
    • Ragos hid in an alley, close to the gate between the District of Wool and District of Law.
    • Zorg and Qurenay settled down inside the gate, in the District of Law.
    • Rudolf took up position in a tea shop, on the square with the gate, drinking tea, bow close at hand.
  • When the demonstration reached the gate, they were halted by city guardsmen forming a shield wall across the gate.
    • The crowd hesitated in getting to close to the guardsmen’s staffs.
  • Then Tarkin rilled up the crowd, and the crowd pressed forward.
    • The guardsmen began crushing skulls and collarbones with their staffs.
  • Ragos quaffed a potion of disguise self, and took on the appearance of an armed commoner.
    • The plan had been to appear as a guardsman, but seeing how the guardsmen were already beating on the demonstrators, one more wouldn’t make much difference, was Ragos’ reasoning.
Playing with Ankhegs
28th of Prayer - 3rd of Hearth, year 382

Where the group took on a bounty to kill a nest of Ankhegs.

Getting the job

(28th of Prayer)
  • Zorg had inquired the previous day whether there were any local jobs to be done, and had been directed to the local Prefect.
  • When the Prefect was sought out, he said that a village to the north was having a problem with landcrabs.
    • Under normal circumstances the army would handle it, but with the war against Wyrmicia, they did not have the manpower at the moment.
    • The landcrabs hadn’t attacked anyone, but were doing damage to the crops.
  • The group accepted the job, for a reward of 50 gold pieces when the job was done, plus a promissory note which would get them a further 200 gold pieces in Branna.
  • Setting out, the traveled north, passing a lead mine, and going off-road to reach the hamlet close to the nest.
    • There they spent the night.

Doing the job

(29th of Prayer)
  • The group advanced on the nest, and seeing one of the creatures learned that the “landcrabs” were in fact Ankhegs.
  • They delved into the nest, and wiped it out.
    • They kept a couple of eggs, but destroyed all the rest.
    • They killed about two dozen workers and the queen.
  • Then they travelled back to the village, which they reached around nightfall.

Waiting Game

(30th of Prayer – 1st of Hearth)
  • The group deposited the queen’s head in the prefect’s office as proof of completetion.
    • Still he required that a group of his men travel to the nest to confirm its destruction.
    • During the two days that would take, the town would pay for the group’s stay at the inn (within reason).

To Branna

(2nd of Hearth – 3rd of Hearth, morning)
  • One the morning of the third day, the prefect announced that he had gained confirmation of a job well done, and gave them their payment.
    • He also suggested, that upon visiting Branna, they might want to get registered as official mercenaries, in case they wanted to do this kind of work again.
  • The group left the village, and travelled towards Branna.
    • Along the way, they passed a hamlet, where they learned of a nearby weak point to the Sea of Ice, from where the locals harvested ice to sell.
  • Passing a castle close to dark, they set up camp a couple of miles down the road.
    • In the middle of dinner, they were interrupted by a patrol that inquired to what they were doing camped out here.
    • When the group announced that they were simply travelling to Branna, the guards seemed satisfied, and returned to the castle.
  • The next day, a couply of hours after leaving camp, the group reached Branna.
Over the Hills
17th of Prayer - 27th of Prayer, year 382

Where the group traverses the Ardinn Hills, meets a group of ogres and acquires a very evil sword.

Through civilized lands

(17th of Prayer – 19th of Prayer)
  • Viconia left the group, stealing a bunch of money from Rudolf.
  • Karlain the wizard joined the group.
  • The group traveled along the roads and trails between the Wyrmician hamlets in the hills.
    • On the first night they set up camp in a canyon that looked like it might be the clawmark from som truly humongous beast.
    • On the third night they set up camp just past the southern-most fields of a hamlet, with only wilderness to the south.

Through the wild hills

(20th of Prayer – 23rd of Prayer)
  • The group followed a stream south, with more streams joining it, until it became a small river.
    • They rested the first night below in a valley below the ruins of a fort.
  • Next morning they traveled up to the fort, which turned out to be of hobgoblin origin. But they found little of interest beyond an aura of necromancy and evocation magic.
    • Down again to the river, they traveled east along the river.
    • They passed what appeared to be a collapsed tunnel entrance, guarded by a trio of statues of snakepeople.
    • They passed under a high. long bridge passing between two hill tops. Goblins wanted to ambush them from the bridge, but Ragos took to the air as an eagle, killed some and terrorized the rest
      • The goblins came from a ruin at one end of the bridge, but the group saw little reason to investigate.
  • By nightfall some of the group were tired of travelling through the hills, so it was decided to rest for the day of the 22nd.
    • On that day of rest, Rudolf hunted down some meat.
  • The group continued, on the 23rd seeing a tower in the distance, as well as a spookily well-maintained apple orchard in the middle of the wilderness.

A Day of Meetings

(24th of Prayer)
  • Shortly after leaving camp, a group of goblins tried to ambush the group from a copse of trees.
    • The ambush was spotted and the goblins slaughtered.
    • The goblins did seem to be suffering from leprosy or something, and everyone who had been splattered with the ichors were carefully washed in the river, including John who really didn’t enjoy that.
    • Among the stuff the goblins had were found a silver dagger, which Zorg claimed.
  • Travelling on, around noon the group ran into a village.
    • Which turned out to be inhabited by ogres.
    • When greeted in darkspeech, they turned somewhat friendly.
    • Turned out they were very isolated, only killing the occasional human passing by.
    • Zorg kinda ended up promising that he would return to lead them in a crusade against the humans.
    • They showed the group the Black Death, which they apparently worshipped as a symbol of Kartas.
    • They were convinced to hand over the sword, which was given to Rudolf.
  • The group traveled on and stopped by nightfall

The Ruin

(25th of Prayer)
  • Traveling farther down the river, near nightfall the group finally reached the road leading from Ulinn to Branna.
  • By the road, they found an old ruin of Leysol origin. It had some underground sections, but they were flooded.
    • Ragos and Thrunn examined them.
    • One wing held what they guessed to be a portal, which seemed to require a sacrifice to power.
    • The other wing held barracks, common room, library and such, all destroyed by the water and time.
    • They did secure various loot, including some tunics, some daggers, and some chests.

To Civilization

(26th of Prayer – 27th of Prayer)
  • Traveling along the road, the group made good time.
    • Around noon they saw catfolk watching them from the trees, but made no move to pursue or attack them (though Rudolf wanted to)
    • By nightfall they reached a hamlet, where they spent the night in the local, very, very, simple inn.
      • They also heard how the locals supported the war, seeing as how Wyrmicia was trying to declare independence from the Empire.
      • According to the Wyrmician story, Wyrmicia wasn’t trying to declare independence, and were still loyal subjects.
  • Traveling onwards, the group passed a silver mine, and reached a village late in the day on the 27th. They decided to spend the night there.
The Southern War
23rd of Remembrance - 16th of Prayer, year 382

Where the group travels south, joins the main army group, conducts a raid, and retreats from superior force.

Traveling South

(23rd of Remembrance – 30th of Remembrance)
  • Two days out of Southden, the group arrived at Stonefall.
    • Viconia found a gunsmith and purchased a rifle.
    • She then decided to stay and train with the rifle, while the rest of the group continues their journey.
  • The group traversed The Gap, and four days later arrived in Ardinn.
    • There they found only a small logistics company, and was told that the main army were stationed further south in the Ardinn hills.
    • A squad of Hippogrif mercenaries were also at the city, resting up before heading south to the army. Rudolf got very excited.
      • He learned that the Hippogrifs were being trained in Shadowstone, some days ride north of Ardinn.
  • The group journeyed into the hills and arrived in the army camp around noon on the 30th.

Settling In

(30th of Remembrance – 4th of Prayer)
  • The group reported in with General Trebonius, who didn’t seem overly impressed. He turned them over to Captain Crasius, the leader of the 12th Company composed of mercenaries. Zorg was technically Crasius superior, and the Imperial Elect hoped that Zorg would be able to make good use of the mercenaries.
  • The group mingled and trained with the men while waiting for Viconia to show up.
  • During this time the Halacian army received reinforcements in the form of a company of combat mages.

The Raid

(4th of Prayer – 8th of Prayer)
  • The group had learned that there was a second front to the north, and that the Halacians were sending supplies up there. So they decided to raid the supply train.
    • They gathered a group of scouts from among the mercenaries, and set off into the hills.
  • Settling down in a good ambush spot, they waited for two days.
  • On the third day, they spotted the convoy.
    • During the afternoon, they took out the scouts that was sent into the hills where they were hiding, and then masqueraded as the scouts until nightfall.
  • The convoy made camp
    • The fake scouts lured a large group of the convoy’s escort into an ambush.
    • The Halacian soldiers didn’t decently well. The scouts not so much.
  • The group advanced on the convoy camp, Rudolf displaying amazing skill with his bow. The scouts were very impressed.
    • The enemy fought to the last man.
    • The group looted a couple of items, but did find papers suggesting that Tyndarus Regulus, The Golden General, The Battle Priest of the South, might be called up from the south, if the army couldn’t manage a break-through.
  • The group burned all the supplies, and returned back to the main army.

The Retreat

(9th of Prayer – 16th of Prayer)
  • The group layed out this information during a meeting of all the officers.
  • The combat mages were causing problems, so it was decided to withdraw to Ardinn, where a better defensive line could hopefully be formed.
  • In Ardinn the group took some time to rest and regroup.
  • They decided that they would try to cross the Halacian Hills to cause sabotage behind the enemy lines.

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