Standing over 7 feet tall with broad shoulders, thick arms and green-tinted skin, Zorg is hard to miss in a crowd.

Zorg is rarely seen without his Armor, which since the end of The Goblin Wars have been Maruk’s Black full plate Armor with skulls embedded in it.

He wields a large magical dragonbone Greataxe, crafted by the ogres beneath Queen Titanias castle. With his own developed martial art called “The Whirlwind Dance” he wields it with great proficiency.

Not a particulary wise or intelligent individual, Zorg has through sheer experience and training, developed a great knowledge of battle tactics and was even a commander during the Goblin wars more specifically the battle of Oldhelm.


Zorg was born in a small village in the northeastern part of the Principality of Thiel, on the edge of the Dragondeep forest. As most half orcs, Zorg was born as a result of an ungodly act. Despite of this his mother raised him with as much love and care as a poor townswoman could.

The most vivid memory of Zorg’s early childhood is when his village was destroyed by dark elves. His mother gave him her locket, and hid him in a hidden cellar under the floorboards of the house. When the dark elves came to the house, they tortured and killed his mom, while he could hear every scream through the floor boards. When he emerged once again, the entire village had been destroyed by the elves. All the adults had been slain, and the children were nowhere to be found. He swore on the locket that he would seek revenge for his mother’s death. This childhood trauma has left him with a deep hatred of dark elves.

Zorg ended up in Blackgrass, a hive of scum and villainy, and became the leader of a small gang which he recruited from fellow orphans. The gang did the best it could to survive, but Zorg was adamant that they only resorted to crime, if it was an absolute necessity.

It was during this time that he met Ragos, who he saved from being beaten up by another gang of youths. He then took Ragos under his protection, and Ragos also joined his gang. Being a half-orc, Zorg grew much faster than the others, and everyone looked up to him like a big brother, Ragos including.

Years later, the gang had drifted apart. Zorg, now a young man in his late teen years, was doing his best to continue to survive in Blackgrass, when he was assaulted by a group of assailants in black, hooded cloaks. The group demanded that he hand over his locket, and when Zorg refused, they beat him half to death, though Zorg put up a brave defense. Just as one of the assailants snatched the locket from his neck, a mysterious hooded man with a huge greataxe intervened. Three of the assailants ended up dead, but the last one, with the locket, managed to escape.

The hooded man who showed himself to be an officer of the Blackwatch, Artos. He saw potential in Zorg, and took him under his wing. Artos to trained Zorg in the basics of combat and after travelling together for a few months he offered Zorg to join the order.

Zorg has vouched to rid the world of Dark elves to the best of his abillity and finding his mother’s locket.


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