Rudolf McCliff (Currently Petrified)

Mentally unstable Ranger, Fey Prince and Archer without equal.



Level 6+6 Half-Elf Ranger

Physical Description

Rudolf is a tall lengthy Half-elf with dirty blond hair and goatee. He carries himself with the grace of a stag, though he’s got the look of a hunter. He possesses blue-gray eyes that can both cause who ever he meets to wet his pants and feel uncomfortable, some describe them as “panicky”. Most people who meets Rudolf would describe him as a man trapped in his own unstable mind, and his disheveled, detached expressions are perhaps more intimidating than his prowess with his long bow. Physically he looks like a deranged hermit, who hasn’t showered in a decade. He makes no use of the traditional green ranger clothes, and is instead dressed to impress, he wears leather pants with flames embroidered and a Leather Jacket with a dragon embroidered on the back

Stats, Feats, Items & Tattoos

Str: 14 Dex: 18 Con: 14 Wis: 11 int: 6 Cha: 8

Fort: +7 Reflex: +9 Will: +2

BAB: +7 AC:18 HP: 72
Init: +8 CMB: +8

Feats: Point Blank | Precise Shot | Rapid Shot | Deadly Aim | Far Shot |
Endurance | Many Shot | Improved Initiative | Weapon Focus (Longbow) | Greater Bond |
Improved Critical (Longbow) | Combat Improvement (+1 BAB) | Greater Skillfulness |

Significant Items & Tattoos

Magic Items & Tattoos.
Winter Bow. (Composit Longbow) Frost +1D6
Goggles of Truesight. Constant True Seeing
Armor of the Shadow Dragon. (Chain Shirt) +5 stealth & +10 Fire Resistance
Black Death. (Long Sword) +2d6 unholy & the wielder gains 1d6 temporary hit points
Medusa’s Gift. (Ring) Claimes to Prevent Death
Ranged Penalty Reducing Tattoo : Reduces ranged penalty by half (Far shot)
Cover & concealment reducing tattoo: Reduces cover & concealment bonus by half
Non-Magic Items & Tattoos.
Leather Pants with flames on them
Leather Jacket with flames and a dragon embroidered on the back
Giant Ship tattooed on his back
Stone Cold Tattooed on his Knuckels

Rudolf McCliff (Currently Petrified)

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