Titan's Teeth

The Squire and The Wolf

3rd of Stocks - 4th of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group travels north towards the ruin of Mindon Imthas, Zorg hires Vats as a a recruit, and Thrunn breaks a dire wolf’s neck with his bare hands.

Visiting Sheepdown

(3rd of Stocks)
  • The group travelled north the entire day.
    • On the way, they encountered a flock of peasant pilgrims of Shadari heading south, but didn’t interact.
      • Their leader was a male priest of Shadari.
    • They also passed through a hamlet with a military barracks and watchtower. Zorg estimated maybe 40 men and 8-12 horses.
  • Come end of the day, the group rode into the hamlet of Sheepdown, and convinved the village elder to house them for the night.
    • Zorg trained with some teenagers, and gave them a couple of tricks.
    • Glach had an awkward conversation with his hosts, who really didn’t know enough about magic to be impressed by the large talking rat (or its large armored naked rat).
    • Thrunn was housed with an elderly couple that went straight to bed.
    • Karlain and Tarkin entertained the kids of the village with magic tricks, and found their house filled to the gills with kids.

Picking up a stray

(4th of Stocks, morning)
  • Zorg was awakened early by the youngsters, who wanted more tricks.
  • Thrunn created a heavenly soup for breakfast. The spices found in the ruins of Karrock were really, really good.
    • The leftovers were left to the kids who devoured them.
  • The village elder very politely asked for a bit of payment for the hospitality.
    • Zorg gave him 10 gold.
    • The elder was overjoyed, telling them they were welcome back any time.
  • Vatz, one of the youngsters that Zorg had trained, ran after them when they left the village.
    • He asked Zorg to become his squire.
    • He accepted.
    • Vatz had not consulted his parent about this.

The Wolves are Coming!

(4th of Stocks, noon)
  • The group heard a group of wolves attacking a hamlet, and galloped to the rescue.
    • Vatz was charged with killing a wolf.
      • Mongo kinda-sorta accidentally killed it.
    • Thrunn grappled a dire wolf to death.
  • In the aftermath, the villagers came out to honor the heroes
    • Ragos skinned a dire wolf (Thrunn’s grapple kill, with a massive axe slash in it) and the top half of the wolf that Vats should have killed.
    • The villagers were exhorted to spread the words of Vats heroic deeds.
    • The villagers also gathered their dead, who had tried to defend the village before the group arrived.

A bit further north

(4th of Stocks, rest of the day)
  • The group continued northward.
  • They made camp for the night, in an elevated area of the farmers’ fields, by a stream.


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