Titan's Teeth

Taking Down the Master

24th of Stocks - 26th of Growth, 382

Where the group travels around the Dwarven Holds, looking for a countermeasure against The Master’s charm magic.

Meeting Torla Trollbender

(24th of Stocks, underground)
  • Tarkin prepared research at the Hall of Remembrance.
  • Glahc gambled on the cardgame Korthen in the back room of the Green Rock Inn and won several hundred gold as well as a 5% ownership in the Green Vale Orchammer Brewery.
  • Zorg gambled a bit as well, before sitting in the common room of the Green Rock Inn.
  • Here he was sought out by Torla Trollbender, a priestess of Telyna.
    • First she tried to persuade him not to go after the Master.
    • Then she recognised him as being a companion of Rudolf, the Dragonslayer.
    • After this she agreed to give the group aid, a (smaller) monetary reward, and the friendship of the Church of Telyna, in exchange for the Church of Telyna getting the credit for taking out the Master.

Finding the Source

(25th of Stocks – 1st of Growth, underground)
  • Zorg, Glahc and Vats travelled to Karbilbetek to finish up the deal with the Church of Telyna, and then back to Torbilbetek.
  • Tarkin researched The Master, but couldn’t find anything about the creature in the libraries of Torbilbetek. The great library in Atyna might be a good place to look for more information.
  • When Glahc returned from Karbilbetek, he spent most of his time at The Song and Ale Tavern, gambling on Korthen.
    • Some of the local card sharks seemed to have taken notice.
  • Towards the end of the period the charm lost its hold on Karlein, Whitelock and the other dwarves they had captured.

Another Visit to Karbilbetek

(2nd of Growth – 3rd of Growth, underground)
  • The group traveled to Karbilbetek again, to hear if the Church of Telyna had come up with any countermeasures of the charm.
  • They hadn’t really. They had some spells, but those had too short duration.
    • They also brought up Green Iron armor, but unfortunately the party wouldn’t fit in those.
  • The group brought up the possibility of just creating Green Iron helmets.
    • That might work, was the agreement.
    • So the group needed to go to Azantek, the hold which had the proper facilities to smith Green Iron.

Going to Azantek

(4th of Growth – 10th of Growth, underground)
  • The group traveled along the underway to Azantek, with the compliment of Telyna guards, to protect against any monsters that might have invaded the undeway.
    • No monsters were encountered.
    • Zorg made friends with the guards by sparring with them.
    • Glahc made friends by playing Korthen with the guards, without totally beating them at the game.

In Azantek

(11th of Growth – 17th of Growth, underground)
  • Arriving at Azantek, the group had a meeting arranged with the master smith, by Telyna’s Church.
    • The master smith first seemed hostile at the prospect of giving Green Iron to outsiders.
    • But once he was told that they provided their own Green Iron, and had the backing of Telyna’s Church, he relented.
    • At the end of smithing, four days later, the group received eight Green Iron helmets in exchange for the four ingots they had given the craftsmen.
  • In the meantime, Whitelock had gotten into trouble.
    • Seeing the teleportation circles that the dwarves used to move goods around the city, he decided to step into one.
    • And ended up in the merchant Traum’s Warehouse in the Drowned Quarter.
    • The dwarven workers there were very surprised by his appearance, and friendly enough to show him the way out, and give him directions back to the temple of Telyna.
    • Passing by another teleportation circle, Whitelock decided to jump through that too.
    • There followed darkness, and then pain.
  • Realizing by evening that Whitelock hadn’t returned, Zorg asked around, and found that Whitelock had been taken into custody by the Merchant Guard.
    • He had been found unconscious in a teleportation circle in a warehouse.
    • His thieves tools, rope and grappling hook marked him as a thief to the guard.
    • The next day, Zorg visited the merchant in question, and in exchange for 200 gp and a promise to keep Whitelock from further law-breaking, Whitelock was let go.
    • The Merchant Guard kept his thieves tools, and the several hundred gold pieces that he had on him at the time of arrest.
  • Also meanwhile, Tarkin researched the use of the Magical Anvil, and pretty much found out everything he needed to know about crafting magical items on it.

Meeting up with Torla Trollbender

(18th of Growth – 26th of Growth, underground)
  • The group returned to Torbilbetek.
  • There they joined up with Torla Trollbender, who also brought four senior clerics and a dozen Shield Warriors of Telyna led by the veteran Kromrig Moonheart.
    • They were all dressed in Green Iron armor.
  • Torla also provided info that the church had found on the master.
    • From the description provided by the former slaves it appeared to be an Aboleth. Details were sparse, mostly from legends, but:
      • It would be an aquatic being.
      • Master of Enchantment and Illusion magic.
      • Covered in slime, which “poisons” people to only be able to breath water.
  • Then the group travelled south to the Master’s tunnel.
    • Zorg and others were quite impressed by the custom weaponry and obvious competence of Kromrig and the Shield Warriors.
    • Upon arrival Vats failed to resist the enchantment aura, and thus were forced to spend the rest of the expedition inside a Circle of Protection cast on Torla Trollbender.

Meeting the Master

(26th of Growth)
  • The group were quickly met by a group of the Master’s slaves, who offered to lead them to the Master.
    • The group agreed.
  • They were lead through dwellings and storerooms carved for the workers, and then into an organic looking tunnel complex, before reaching the Master’s throneroom.
  • The Master was lying on a raised section of the room.
  • The Master spoke telepathically with Tarkin. Apparently it had a hard time penetrating the Green Iron helmets, and so could only talk with Tarkin.
    • The Master first offered that it would leave, and free the slaves, as soon as it was done with what it was doing. In about a month’s time.
  • Zorg wasn’t having it, and charged.
  • A fight followed, in which the heroes beat up on the Master, while the Shield Warriors defended against an attack by the Master’s Ulat-Kini warriors from the entrance.
  • The Master was killed, and the Ulat-Kini driven back and then destroyed as the last few tried to flee.

Finding the Master

(26th of Growth)
  • Unfortunately, when detect magic was applied, “The Master” turned out to be a shadow illusion.
    • But Karlain figured that the illusion would have to be cast from relatively nearby, unless it was a ritual of some sort.
  • The dwarves quickly noticed a secret door near the back of the room.
    • But they were unable to find a way to open it.
  • The group decided to head back upstairs to acquire pick axes from the store room.
    • This devolved into an ambush, but it was easily handled, and the pick axes brough back down.
  • Where the group found the tunnel to the throneroom blocked by the Master’s enthralled slaves.
    • The group beat their way through the group, shoving and beating them.
    • A couple of dwarves, apparently under domination, attacked out of the crowd.
      • One was ripped to shreds by Vren.
  • The rest of the crowd quickly fled.
  • The dwarves went to work on the secret door with the pick axes.
  • And then two (probably enthralled) Umberhulks attacked.
    • But they were relately easily handled by a combination of Vren and Zorg, with some help from everyone else.
  • After this, the secret door was knocked down, and the group passed through.
  • There was a short pause, when a dwarf appeared and negotiated on behalf of the master.
    • The Master offered to share half of what he had found, as long as the group would let his operation continue until “the power could be drained”.
    • The group didn’t take the offer.
  • Instead they followed the secret tunnel to a laboratory.
    • They dragged the laboratory’s keeper, a gnome, into the Circle of Protection to free him from the charm cast on him.
    • He still seemed pretty confused without the charm.
    • They found out that the laboratory produced clones, and had already produced two or three for every original in the complex.
    • The clones had the full memories of the original.
    • And some had escaped a while ago.
      • These might be the slaves that the group had dragged to Torbilbetek.
  • After this the group searched the rest of the complex, but found no trace of the Master. Neither did they see any signs of the enslaved inhabitants.

Meeting Hylarial

(26th of Growth)
  • The “ambassador dwarf” appeared again, and restated the Master’s offer.
  • Feeling that it couldn’t hurt, the group agreed to have the dwarf lead them to the center of the complex, so they could see what the Master was offering.
  • Passing through the complex Karlein realized that the bottom complex was one large, three-dimensional ritual circle of amazing complexity, channeling arcane energies even now while inactive.
  • At the center of the complex, the found a circular temple, holding a crystal in its center, which in turn held an angelic figure.
  • Tarkin, again, was the only person who could be telepathically communicated with.
    • The angel appeared to have been trapped in the Third Age, during a magical duel.
    • It had no awareness that time had passed.
    • It would like to be freed, but could offer nothing concrete in return.
  • The group decided to first have Torla contact her goddess, before deciding whether to free the angel.

The Secret Chamber

(26th of Growth)
  • They returned to the throne room.
  • However, before Torla could really do much communicating, Tarkin uncovered a secret tunnel hidden behind an illusion in the secret tunnel.
  • The group ventured in, and arrived in an illusory room, which hid a larger cave with a lake.
  • The lake was empty.
  • Vren was sent down, and swam through a tunnel that led from the lake, but didn’t find the Aboleth.
    • In one tunnel branch was a huge ancient dwarven hall.
    • In the other direction the tunnel walls were filled with small tunnels, as if though created by burrowing creatures.
  • At the bottom of the lake, a ritual circle was spotted, probably the circle maintaining the charm aura.
    • Vren disrupted it, ending the ritual.
    • This, however, did not seem to end the charm on Vats.
  • The group returned to the throne room, so Torla could commune with her goddess.


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