Titan's Teeth

Seeing the sights in Glasmond

29th of Hearth - 30th of Hearth, year 382

Where the party learns of the political situation, visits the bank, sells dwarven furniture, find the best inn, and set out in the search for adventure.

Arriving in town

(29th of Hearth, noon – evening)

Information Learned

  • The empire is currently divided between Salvia Aquilae (the mother), Marcus Aquilae (the uncle) and Titus Augurius (the right hand).
    • Salvia control Capacia and the eastern aels.
    • Marcus controls the aels of Annyria and Athasia in the north.
    • Titus control the aels of Halacia and Dicea in the south.
  • The golden general was called north by the imperial elect, but refuse because he feared that the Dairin might use the opening.
  • The Imperial Elect of Halacia has sent peace terms to Wyrmicia.
  • Marcus is moving troops west towards Wyrmicia.
  • Ships stopped coming down the river two weeks ago. Those sent upriver have not returned.
  • The Church of Sastix are looking for people to draw the Neo-Halacian movement out into the open.
    • The Free Fists in the slums appear to be Neo-Halacians.
  • Sarama Rockdelver is looking for some free agents.

  • The group was almost discovered entering the city, since there are wanted posters of Rudolf.
  • The city is full of beggars because of an iron shortage, so the group hired a guide for 1 gold piece.
  • The guide told them of the current political situation.
  • They deposited their magical anvil, and Rudolf’s sword in the bank in the Silk Market.
  • Then Rudolf visited Vayu, a plump female tailor, who would expand his leather jacket so that he could wear his dragon armor under it, color the inside green so it would work as camouflage, and sew yellow and red gemstones into the sleeves to make it look like flames. He could get the jacket back in five days on the 5th of Stocks.
  • The rest of the party delivered the dwarven vase, screen and wardrobe from Karrock to the business offices of the Rockdelver merchant family, and later accepted 1000 gp as their price.
  • Finally the entire party met up at the Toppling Maiden, an inn that seemed to have adventurers as its primary clientele.
    • Rudolf chatted up another adventuring group (mostly because he was interested in their dragonborn) and ended up badgering them into taking him with them on a dungeon delving expedition.
    • Tarkin talked with the barkeep who told a bunch of rumors, including some people looking to hire adventurers.
  • Tarkin and Karlain went to the university district. There they saw the College Arcana and the War College and drank some tea at the local tea shop.
    • They talked with a student, and were told that 20 years ago the Department of Conjuration had gone bad, so now the college no longer had a conjuration department, and conjuration was looked at pretty badly. Moreso than necromancy even.

Vising the temple of Sastix

(30th of Hearth, morning)
  • Rudolf went to the dwarven quart and talked with the armorer Bardohr Blackbeard.
    • He told him it would cost 600 gp to enlarge John’s chainshirt, and he wouldn’t deliver it until six days in the future.
    • Rudolf declined.
  • The rest of party went to the temple of Sastix.
    • Here the priests told them that the mission was to draw out the Neo-Halacian movement.
    • This should be accomplished by inciting a riot, draw the riot across the river, and then cut them off and let the army kill them all.
    • The church insisted on complete deniability.


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