Titan's Teeth

Final Leg of Trip to Glasmond

24th of Hearth, year 382

Where the party escapes with the wealth previously guarded by a black pudding, acquire a cart, and travel eastward, finally reaching Glasmond.

Loot from Karrock

  • Large hollow glass container formed like billowing clouds, meant to hold holy water for the priests of Telyna (400-750gp).
  • An woodcarved screen of Telyna blessing her worshippers. Unfortunately, the wood has cracked over the years, leaving the screen damaged. (150-300gp).
  • 204 gp in old Mordark coins
  • Finely made Wardrobe in wood with carvings, (100-200gp).
  • 5 pieces of good quality azurite(cut), worth 20gp each
  • Magical Anvil. Allows the making of magical items without knowing the needed spells. (priceless)
  • Magical smithing tools. Provides +4 to smithing checks when used.
  • Masterwork longsword
  • 3gp, 17sp imperial coins (taxed 20%)
  • 10 bars of Green Iron, 1 pound each
  • Box of spices

The Black Pudding

(24th of Hearth, early evening)
  • An elaborate plan is created
  • Wren lures the Black Pudding from its store room to the one across the corridor, which is then closed.
  • The party loots the storeroom, leaving only behind the heavy blocks of fine granite.
    • Wren kept the Black Pudding busy, basically by running in rings.
  • When everything was hauled away, Wren attacked the Black Pudding, so Tarkin could find out what it tasted like.
    • Acidy licorice it turns out.
    • Also turn out that the attack caused it to split in two.
  • The group spends the night in the building above the city shaft.
    • Except Rudolf who were a tad nervous about being attacked by the Black Puddings.

Securing the Goodies

(25th of Hearth, morning)
  • Tarkin, Karlein and Ragos traveled to Oxfell and reported to the Prefect what had been found
    • They didn’t mention that the anvil or tools were magical
    • They did have to pay a 20% tax on the imperial coins they found on the dead adventurers
  • Then they bought a cart, to haul the loot for two of the azurite gemstones.
  • They loaded up the loot and travelled east.

Reaching Glasmond

(25th of Hearth – 29th of Hearth, noon)
  • The group traveled east.
  • On the first evening, Tarkin and Rudolf explored the collapsed ruins of some hill dwellings.
  • On the road, the group encountered two Halacian soldiers, each controlling a trio of Dire Badgers
  • While resting at an inn, Rudolf acquired a leather jacket with a dragon on it, as well as a red scarf.
    • That same night, he awoke in the middle of the night to see a tall figure in a black robe standing at the foot of his bed.
    • He blinked, and the figure was gone.
  • The next night, the group rested in the barn of a vineyard.
    • In the middle of the night, Rudolf was given a ring by an ice elf, claiming to be a courier for Medusa, and claiming that the ring would protect Rudolf from death.
      • Rudolf immediately put it on.
    • The next morning detect magic was cast on the ring, and it was shown that it radiated transmutation magic.
  • Just after noon on the 29th, the group reached Glasmond.


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