Titan's Teeth

Escape from Glasmond

13th of Stocks - 14th of Stocks, Year 382

Where Rudolf is broken out of prison, the rescue party is destroyed by air power, and the remaining group leaves the city.

Fight at the Toppling Maiden
h5. (13th of Stocks, noon)

  • The fight with the inquisitor was settled quickly.
    • Zorg cleaved most of the opponents.
    • And then Vatz killed the last man standing.
  • Hoping that nobody heard the screams, the group continues packing, while leaving Glach to watch the stairs.
    • Glach sees someone peeking up the stairs and then retreat, and decides to cast invisibility to see what is going on.
    • On the second floor, another group of (law-abiding) adventurers living in the inn is gathering for an assault, having heard the commotion upstairs.
    • Glach quickly retreats upstairs and tells the rest of the group.
  • Zorg takes up position at the top of the stairs to tank the group, while the rest of the party finishes packing.
  • And the opposing adventurers assault.
    • Zorg finds himself hard-pressed to hold off the opposing fighter and two gunslingers (luckily all that can target him from the stair chokepoint).
    • Thrunn decides to climb out the window, climb to the floor below, and assault them from behind.
      • And Thrunn fails the climb. And Thrunn fails to grab onto the edge of the bridge. And dunks into the river.
      • He isn’t quite good enough to reach the river edge from the middle of the river, while wearing armor. He goes over the waterfall.
    • Zorg is getting steadily whittled down by the gunslingers while the fighter holds him off.
    • Then Karlein steps in and uses a lightning bolt.
      • The opposing fighter goes down, one of the opposing gunslingers goes down, and the last is heavily wounded.
    • The rest of that fight can be summed up as more blood, as the retreating gunslinger and their cleric and bard who was downstairs are put to the sword.

Leaving the Toppling Maiden
h5. (13th of Stocks, noon)

  • Vatz, is loaded up with all the group’s valuables, and using a levitation spell sent out to hide under one end of the bridge.
  • Glahc and Karlein use fly spells to transfer all the rest of the luggage to the roof, and hide themselves and Faedil up there.
  • And Zorg, Ragos, Tarkin and Ragnar all head towards the inquisitor HQ.
    • Unfortunately the alarm has been raised. At the city wall seperating the old quarter from the outer city, the gate is filled with soldiers checking everyone heading in and out. * * Zorg and Tarkin stays behind, while Ragos and Ragnar flies over the wall.
    • Flying over the wall requires Ragos to transform into a bird once again, using his last wild-shape of the day.

h5. (13th of Stocks, just past noon)

  • At the HQ the pair turns invisible and heads inside.
    • Ragnar had been inside before, and knew the way to the door to the prison cells. Unfortunately he had been unable to find a way inside.
  • But then the head inquisitor show up with a pair of strong-looking henchmen
    • The two invisible infiltrators follow at the heels of the inquisitor, through all the locked doors that he gets unlocked for them.
    • They get to Rudolf, but aren’t quite prepared to attack while the head honcho is there.
    • However, after a brief word with Rudolf, the head honcho leaves, while the henchmen leads Rudolf to the oubliette.
  • In the obliette room, Ragnar and Rogar kill the guards, though unfortunately they make enough noise to summon more guards.
  • These guards, however, flee when confronted with Rogar’s summoned Earth Elemental.
  • Returning to the entrance to the dungeon, they find the door locked.
    • However, a quick stone-shape later, and the trio leave through a hole in the wall, that leads into the HQ’s pantry.
    • Dressed in looted (and slightly bloody) uniforms from the killed guards, they bluff their way through the kitchen, and leave the HQ through the front door.

Failed Escape
h5. (13th of Stocks, just past noon)

  • Thrunn joined the others outside the inquisitor HQ.
    • He had been swept over the waterfall, and then climbed the cliff to the city, ended up in the back yard of a mansion. The gardner was not happy to see him, and called the house guard. However, a look from the wet, muddy, angry dwarf was all it took for them to agree that they saw no problem in letting him leave for the street.
  • They headed back to the Marble Quarter, and entered a mansion (dressed in inquisition uniforms, remember), got a hold of the butler, and said that they were looking for a dangerous fugitive.
    • The next five minutes was a charade of lies and make-believe investigation, ending up with the butler tied up in the garden’s tool shed, rope acquired, and Rudolf now dressed in the butler’s uniform (not really his size).
  • However, when the group left the tool shed, they were suddenly called upon to surrender, by a pair of bow-armed figures on the roof of the neighbouring mansion.
  • The moment they moved not to surrender, they were assaulted by an avalanche of arrows from the two figures, and once again asked for their surrender.
    *The group considered surrender, but they really didn’t want to end up in an inquisition dungeon.
    • Ragnar, the invisible imp, quietly abandoned the group.
    • Thrunn decided to try and fight.
    • Rogar and Rudolf made a break for the cliff edge.
      • Ragos was nailed to the dirt before he reached the edge, unconscious and bleeding to death.
      • Rudolf did reach the edge, and decided to risk everything and just jump.
        • He neded up a stone statue at the bottom.
  • Thrunn quickly found that he wasn’t just fighting two elite archers, he was also fighting a flying, invisible warmage hurling lightning bolts and magical missiles.
  • He ended up fortifying himself in the servant’s quarters in a mansion’s basement, with the soldiers apparently unwilling to come inside.
    • When they tried to flush him out of the basement, Thrunn did force them to retreat.
    • Then he counter-attacked out of the basement, killing the flush-team’s wizard.
    • But this kill was done in front of ten archers in the mansion lobby, which then riddled him with arrows.

Escape from the City
h5. (13th of Stocks, past noon)

  • Ragnar survived, and with him acting as courier, the rest of the group managed to team up again, and decided to leave town.
  • They did have to get past a military check point set up on the bridge
    • But Wren acted decoy, while the most of the survivors fought their way past.
    • Tarkin, Karlein and Faedil used fly spells to circumvent the checkpoint entirely.
  • The group hid out in an abandoned warehouse on the docks.
  • Karlein and Tarkin then flew, invisible, to the Silk Market, and hired a teamster to pick up the magical anvil from the bank, and drive it to a nearby hamlet.
  • Tarkin then proceeded to go to the offices of Sarama Rockdelver, and sold her the information that they had acquired the Codex Mabulum for Devayani Sharma.
    • She seemed very unhappy with the deal, but gave him 4000 gp worth of gold bars.
    • He also gave her the Black Stone.
  • The pair flew back to the warehouse.
  • Meanwhile, the guys in the warehouse had been found by the local freedom fighters/thieves guild, The Free Fists.
    • They offered to hide the group, and maybe in exchange the group would meet with their leader and help them with a few things.
  • Once Tarkin and Karlein returned, the group did agree to follow to the Free Fist hideout.
  • There they took a long rest, before talking with the boss.

The Free Fists
h5. (14th of Stocks)

  • The group met with the leader of the Free Fists, Arakhar.
    • He was a Syrinx, and wanted the group’s help in attacking the imperial administration, freeing Halacia to be its own state.
    • He said that he knew people who would be able to get Rudolf turned back from stone, if they would help.
    • Karlein had a vision of having visited Syrinx, and their masters the Sirpah, to get access to healing,
  • The group declined, thinking that staying in the city would be too dangerous.
    • Arakhar respected their decision, and gave them horses to aid in their escape from Halacia.
    • Two of his men, Whitelock and Black Spark also wished to join them, and became part of the group.
  • The group gathered together 6000 gp, which they gave to Arakhar to attempt to hire some adventurers to retrieve Rudolf’s statue.
    • The agreement was that the statue would be sent to Wymar, if it was acquired.


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