Titan's Teeth

Delving into Mindon Imthas

5th of Stocks - 7th of Stocks, Year 382

Where the group delves into Mindon Imthas, battling demons and the undead.

The last stretch

(5th of Stocks)
  • Early in the morning, the group was awakened by a small earthquake.
  • The group travelled north.
    • In the next hamlet they learned that an area to the northeast was often a source of earthquakes.
    • They also bought a heavy steel shield for Vatz.
    • Further north, the group discovered and visited a fireworkscrafter’s abode, acquiring some small noisemaker fireworks.
  • The group reached the outskirts of the mountains, and left civilization behind.
    • A group of wolves started a howl, and Ragos answered with his own howl: a challenge to their terroritory.
    • Later the group was shadowed by a wolf pack.
      • Vatz was given a crossbow, and a bit of tutoring by Thrunn, and set to shoot one of the wolves.
      • He missed, but the wolves fled.
  • The group traveled up a crevasse, and reached the entrance to Mindon Imthas.
    • Glahc opened the doors to the tower, by holding up the Black Orb, and intoning the Leysol word for “open”.

Sleeping Area Loot

  • Elven coinage: 194gp, 43sp, 38cp
  • 2 gems appraised to 40gp each
  • 3 bottles of wine
  • 1 flask of vinegar
  • 2 flasks of lamp oil
  • 1 bottle of ink

Mindon Imthas

(6th of Stocks, morning)
  • In the early morning a group of goblins approached the tower.
    • The group killed all except one, with Vatz getting a kill as well.
    • The last goblin was supposed to fight Vatz in gladiatorial combat, but when Zorg ordered it to take off its armor, it ran.
    • Karlain ended up shooting it down with a force bolt.
  • After some more rest and breakfast, the group first explored the upper tower, finding nothing but ruins.
  • They then ventured into the lower tower.
    • They first passed through a corridor with six statues, Glahc leading the way holding the orb high.
    • Glahc could feel the orb being attracted by something.
    • Down a flight of stairs, three doors.
      • All the doors in the lower tower were created from some Leysol silvery alloy.
      • One door lead into a series of sleeping cells, where the group secured various loot.
      • Another door lead down a corridor to a guard room.

Guard Room Loot

  • 2 mw Leysol longswords
  • 2 mw Leysol longswords claimed by Vatz and Karlain
  • log book of cell occupants
  • guard’s keys
    • 4 breastplates unlooted
    • 4 heavy steel shields unlooted

  • The guard room was guarded by 4 skeletal warriors, well armed and armored, but no match for the group.
    • Thus Vatz and Karlain each acquired a fine Leysol longsword.
  • Past the guard room were some prison cells, housing two elven skeletons and one snakeperson skeleton.
  • The guard room also had locked door.
    • The group found a log book, which revealed that the two elven skeletons were probably “traitor elves” captured at the start of the god war.
    • They also found the guard’s keys.
  • The keys were used to unlock the door.
    • The corridor beyond turned out to be trapped, causing people entering the corridor to fall asleep.
      • Vatz knocked himself unconscious, when Zorg ordered him to run through the doorway, only for him to fall asleep and knock his head pretty hard.
  • Beyond the corridor was a room theorized to be either a sacrificial chamber or slaughter house, judging by the chains, stone tables and blood stains.
    • In addition to a normal door, there was also a door that had been chained shut from the outside.
      • The group decided to avoid it.
  • Going through the normal door, Glahc entered a room with a fountain, where two demons immediately appeared in puffs of smoke.
    • The demons proceeded to cast a spell which roughly doubled them in size.
    • A fierce but short battle ensued, where Ragos was badly hurt.
      • Though he was healed afterwards with some healing potions.

Study Room Loot

  • A bunch of educational tomes on Conjuration magic and the Burning Plains
  • A bestiary of Burning Plains demons

  • From the fountain room, the group decided to venture the opposite way of what the orb wanted.
  • They entered a large room, combined workshop and study room, with several doors.
  • One door had a corridor leading back towards the stairs leading up.
    • However that corridor also paralyzed people entering it, and summoned a golem.
      • The group withdrew, and decided to leave the corridor alone for now.
  • Another door lead into a library, with a bunch of unarmed skeletons inside.
    • A fierce battle ensued.
    • More skeletons appeared through another door.
    • Some of the skeletons could cast magic.
    • And a fire elemental appeared and burned down the library when Wren entered the room.
    • Ragos was once again badly hurt.
    • Vatz managed to kill a skeleton.
    • None of the books from the library could be saved. The door was closed to allow the fire to burn itself out.
  • The other room that skeletons had appeared from appeared to be a classroom, though the group did not examine it closely.
  • With some being low on health and/or spells, the group decided to withdraw and rest.

Taking a breather

(6th of Stocks – 7th of Stocks)
  • The group rested for an entire day, their spirits much raised by Thrunn’s cooking.
  • Glahc utilized the time to move Ragnar’s spirit from the rat vessel to a summoned imp vessel.

Down once again

(7th of Stocks, afternoon)

Armory Loot

  • 4 mw Leysol longswords
  • 4 mw Leysol glaives
    • 3 studded leather unlooted
    • 4 breastplates unlooted
    • 4 heavy steel shields unlooted

  • The group ventured down into the lower tower once again, Glahc leading the way.
    • When passing through the guard room, the made a small detour to loot the armory that they had bypassed the first time.
      • Thus Vatz acquired a Leysol studded leather armor.
  • Instead of venturing back to the study area, the group decided to open the other door in the fountain room.
    • Behind which they saw a two story tall demon sitting on a throne in a summoning circle.
  • Despite discussion on whether the demon would be able to leave the summoning circle, the group closed the door again, when the figure started rising from its throne.


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