Titan's Teeth

Defeating the Bosses of Mindon Imthas

7th of Stocks - 8th of Stocks, Year 382

Fighting the Demon

(7th of Stocks, afternoon)

Demon Room Loot

  • The Codex Mabulum
    • Summon Monster I, II & III spells
    • True name of 3 minor demons
    • True name of a major demon

  • The group buffed up with various spells in preparation for the fight.
  • A quick fight followed. The highlights were as follows.
    • Zorg charged in, and struck at the demon, in the process destroying the summoning circle keeping it trapped.
    • The demon trampled and grappled, and generally seemed to have far too many attacks, though luckily many were in-effective.
    • Thrunn was thrown through the air by Mongo, embedding his borrowed Leysol glaive in the demons chest.
    • After Thrunn was thrown away by the demon, Zorg was grabbed in its grasp.
    • He dropped his axe, drew his golden dagger, and plunged it into the demon’s eye, killing it.
  • Examining the demon’s throne, the group found the Codex Mabulum in a secret room inside, a massive tome that they got Mongo to carry.
  • They then withdrew to the surface to recuperate once again.


(7th of Stocks, afternoon – 8th of Stocks, afternoon)
  • The group recuperated.
    • Thrunn was worst off, but had Ragos looking after him.

Ice and Spikes

(8th of Stocks, afternoon)

Aradartis the Malficent’s Room Loot

  • Alu-demon on a chain
  • Aradartis the Malficent’s spellbook

Freezing Room Loot

  • Three red, faintly glowing gemstones

Portal Room Loot

  • The command word to the portal

Final Looting

  • 30 Leysol light gems

  • The group delved down once again.
  • They found a temple to Uldorn, the ancient Elvish king from the Age of Magic.
  • Then they found the bed chambers and study of Aradartis the Malficent, who had apparently been the leader of the tower.
    • This was informed to them by the Alu-demon they found chained to his bed, a pretty half-elf-half-succubus.
      • Zorg seemed most inclined to kill her.
      • Glahc seemed most inclined to just let her go.
      • But Tarkin convinced everyone that they should keep her around, at least until they returned to Glasmond, given that she might have useful information.
    • She could direct them to a secret door in the bedroom (which led nowhere they hadn’t been before).
    • She also pointed out her old master’s backup spellbook.
    • She also told them that there might be riches in the vault in the upper tower (which is destroyed in this day and age).
    • The group dragged her along, holding her by the chain.
  • They returned to the door that had been chained shut.
    • The alu-demon seemed to burn herself, when told to remove the chains, but they were simply cold to touch to everyone else.
    • Glahc used his keys to open the locks on the chains and look inside.
    • There was an ice elemental inside, as well as a bunch of weird looking skeletons.
      • But Zorg’s axe and a scorching ray from Karlain made quick work of it.
    • Zorg found some glowing gems in the three eyesockets of one of the larger skulls.
  • Finally they returned to the last unexplored part of the lower tower (that they could find): the corridor with the golem.
    • First they buffed up with spells.
    • Then Glahc opened the door, and cast Dispel Magic on the spot that he had identified as the paralyzation trap for this end of the corridor.
    • The fighters charged in, apparently the trap had been dispelled.
    • The floor surrounding the golem was filled with spikes, hurting the legs of those charging it, but Vren took the worst of it, with Zorg and Thrunn being okay.
    • The golem hit hard, but a massive swing from Zorg cleaved the golem in two, shortly into the fight.
  • Next the room leading off from the corridor was examined.
    • It turned out to be a teleportation chamber.
    • Tarkin noted the teleportation circle’s command word, in case he would ever want to use the circle.
  • On the way out, the group gathered all the magical gems lighting the rooms south of the trap corridors.

Aradartis’ Spellbook

Acid Splash
Arcane Mark
Detect Magic
Guardian Mote (3rd party)
Mage Hand
Ray of Frost
Read Magic
Resistance to Fear (3rd party)
1st Tier
Burning Hands
Comprehend Languages
Enlarge Person
Expeditious Construction
Expeditious Retreat
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Obscuring Mist
Stone Shield
Summon Monster I
2nd Tier
Alter Summoned Monster
Detect Magic, Greater
Fog Cloud
Fox’s Cunning
Guardian Beast
Protection from Arrows
Scorching Ray
Summon Monster II
3rd Tier
Dispel Magic
Lightning Bolt
Phantom Steed
Sleet Storm
Summon Monster III


Rubberduck Rubberduck

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